Chapter TwoMature

            Alex stopped and lifted her off his back, the weight finally off his wings. He stretched them out a little bit, secretively, under his shirt.

            “You can leave now. I don’t expect I’ll see you again?” Cora watched him as he brushed past her, his odor lingering in her nostrils for a second, at which she hurried after him.

            “I’m assuming you know your way back from here,” Alex said stiffly and ignored her question when he gestured to the farmhouse. It seemed so far away.

            “Yeah….” Cora shuffled her feet. It was dark out now, and her parents must be worried sick.

            Or they’re too busy bickering to notice my absence.

            Or Alex’s presence….

            “Alex?” She called his name and realized he had disappeared. There was no response, no sign of him anywhere.

            She tried again, louder this time. “Alex! Come back!”

            When there still was no reply, she darted back into the forest where she assumed he would have stalked back into. All the while, she called out his name, with no response.


            She stopped, thinking that it’d be best if she didn’t pursue him any further, since the probability of her getting lost in the vast, unforgiving forest was very high. Along with her yelling his name out loud, she might blow his cover, if cover was what he needed. It wasn’t worth the risk. She dashed out of the forest just as quickly as she had run in, and sprinted off into the field of green towards her new home.

            Coralie arrived safe and sound, breathless and heart hammering in her chest. She walked up the steps to the porch, and was just about to reach for the screen door handle when a voice broke the silence. Much to her surprise and dismay, her Father was awaiting her arrival on the rocking chair settled in the corner. He looked none too pleased to see her.

            “Hi, Dad,” Cora greeted him coldly. It was evident that her intentions didn’t include sparking up a conversation with the infuriating man. He took so much work, and so much energy out of her that he never bothered to return with kindness and understanding. It was always more, more, more with her Father.

            She didn’t even wait for his reply as swung open the screen door and slammed it behind her. Not wanting much to do with her Mother either, Coralie turned towards the staircase and took the steps two at a time. She ran straight into her bedroom, and didn’t know how tired she actually was until she collapsed onto her bed. There was no way Cora could possibly sleep though, as her mind was filled with Alex.

The End

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