Chapter TwoMature

Alex waited until he could no longer see, counting to ten, before he bounded off in search of her. He heard her footfalls on the dead leaves and twigs; he caught her floral scent drifting towards him. She never turned around when he closed in, but she did cry out when he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She pounded his back with closed fists as he turned in the right direction and began jogging back to the farmhouse. He made sure that his wings were hidden beneath his shirt, but it was hard when she was bouncing on his shoulders and crushing his wings.

            “Where are you taking me?” Coralie demanded.

            He didn’t reply, he just kept running.

            “I would’ve made it back to my farmhouse perfectly fine on my own terms, thank you very much!” She spat at him.

            “Yeah, give or take a couple days, on your own terms. I’ll have you home in ten minutes or less.”

            “Wow, you are such a gentleman! Why don’t you give me a kiss before you run off into the night after our date, huh? It’s what all the girls dream of,” Cora said haughtily as she was jarred to and fro on his back.

            “I don’t know what girls dream of; you need to stop insinuating that I know these things.” Alex uttered.

            That shut Cora up until they reached the edge of the forest.

The End

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