Chapter TwoMature

            “Do you need my help?” Alex popped up from the ground, and was suddenly in Cora’s face, very close once again. He smelled absolutely horrendous.

            “Uh, I think I can manage on my own, thank-you,” she tried to say as politely as possible. She shook out her dress and found a tiny opening hidden in the corner. Cora started over there, but was stopped by Alex’s firm grasp on her wrist.

            “The door’s over here, miss,” he steered her in the opposite direction, and ushered her through a small door that she had to duck through, which was covered by a curtain of some sort. She didn’t want to know what it was made of.

            “I knew that, and if you don’t mind, you can let go of me and I’ll be on my way,” Cora smiled at him, but the gesture was meaningless as she turned on her heel and stalked off. She made it about ten feet before Alex’s husky voice stopped her again.

            “Sorry to say, but, uh, you’re going the wrong way.”

            Cora sighed in frustration; however, she kept walking in the direction away from Alex.

            Whatever you do, don’t turn around. You’ll find your way out of here eventually.

The End

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