Chapter TwoMature

            “You’re not keeping me here so you can finish the business that… that thing left undone, are you?” The girl asked quietly, returning her gaze to the dirt floor. A parade of ants crawled in between the blades of grass, away from Alex and her.

            Alex had an astonished look on his face and was quick to defend himself. He scooted away from her and stared at her. “I can’t believe you’d assume I have the same intentions as him when I protected you from him!”

           “Well, I feel foolish now, but I’m more than relieved that I’m not on the menu for tonight.” Her brown hair fell over her face, a curtain that shielded her face from him. She was only permitted the view of his torso up, but now she was granted the opportunity to check out the rest of him. Much to her surprise, he was completely naked – all over.

            “Uh… do you have a leaf or something that you could use to cover your… you know what?” She mumbled awkwardly and hid her face behind her hands.

           “My what?” Alex stood up and turned around in a complete circle, oblivious to what she meant.

           “Your… thing!” She said reluctantly, and burst into laughter after the fact.

            “Oh… are you not comfortable with the human body?” Alex crumpled to the ground and awkwardly hid himself. His cheeks turned rosy.

            “Well I have different… appendages compared to you, and I haven’t exactly seen a man naked before… in the wilderness.” Cora replied, still shielding her eyes.

            “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never seen a naked woman before.” Alex said, lifting his gaze to study Cora. In his lifetime, he hadn’t really been in the presence of any real woman before. Looking at Cora, he felt himself get excited.

            “You have exceptionally pigmented eyes,” Coralie blurted out, not realizing that her choice of words might intimidate him, or make him laugh at her.

            “I haven’t exactly gotten a close look at them for a while. They tend to change colors as I age. What color are they now, if you don’t mind?”

           “The color of amber.” She replied shyly, looking up at him.

          “I don’t know what amber looks like, I’m sorry…”

          “ Oh, I guess not… your eyes are very… peculiar.”

           The awkwardness between them had not settled, it was hard to get into a normal conversation when Cora didn’t know the extent of his intelligence, let alone his life. Cora was slowly letting go of her fear of him, but was still wary, considering she had no idea where she was.

           They remained together in silence, it wasn’t an awkward or tense silence, and it was easy.

           “I need to get back to my parents; I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. They must be worried,” Cora said with a distant look on her face. She wondered if they even missed her, realized she was gone in the first place.

The End

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