Chapter TwoMature

He rushed to her side, crouching beside the sleeping mat. He forgot about personal space, and was hurt when she backed away from him, startled by his sudden closeness and presence.

            What the fuck!” Coralie snapped. A look of hurt crossed his face again, and made her even more wary of the place. She sized him up, her grey eyes stormy and hardened by distrust.

            Alex swallowed the lump in his throat, hoping that by speaking, the knot in his stomach would loosen. His voice was wavering, and he was nervous in the company of the beautiful girl. “My name is Alex…. I-I saved you from the… from the….” What was he supposed to call Luther? Parahuman? Mutant?

            “From the what? Why on Earth would you save me?” Her attitude towards him softened quite a bit, although the storm hadn’t disappeared completely from her eyes.

           Alex looked rough. He probably hadn’t seen a razor for quite some time, and he could definitely use a shower, but he had straight, angular features and wiry, lean muscles that appealed to her. Crouching beside her, she couldn’t pinpoint exactly how tall he might be, but that’s not what she was worried about. She couldn’t help but notice the barely visible white scars all over his body, the dirt caked on his skin.

            “You were running for your life. You looked so scared. Luther’s crazy, he’s come from an insane past….” Why was he telling her this? She had no right to know about his kind. She probably didn’t care either.

            Coralie was quiet for a moment, trying to piece together how she might’ve ended up in this strange place. She remembered when her and her parents first arrived on the property, and how she had fled the scene as quickly as possible, wanting to be as far away from her family as she could get. Cora had found the seemingly abandoned barn, exploring the place, completely fascinated with the evident history it contained….

            She closed her eyes, trying to summon up all the memories that she could, when suddenly the image of a hunched figure in the darkness flashed in her mind, blocking out all her senses for the moment. It was slowly standing up, unfurling the leathery wings from its bony back, the sleek fur standing on end around the nape of its neck. The monster turned its startling gaze on her, yellow eyes peering into her soul.

            Coralie opened her eyes, a shudder running through her body as the image faded away from the backs of her retinas. When she finally regained her composure, she lifted her gaze to the friendly boys’, and was astonished to see he had the same amber eyes the monster did.

The End

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