Chapter TwoMature

There was only one way to find out, now that he’d save her from the blood-thirsty Luther, as she dozed on his mat in the makeshift hut his roost had assembled for him. He’d built the home for the instances when he needed time alone, and knowing how introverted and how much Alex enjoyed silence, the roost had agreed to help him with the labour. It was deep in the heart of the forest, with a canopy of trees protecting it from majority of the elements, and worn down paths surrounded it in all directions, created by the parahumans. They knew of every nook and cranny in the vast wilderness.

            She must’ve passed out from exhaustion, or from sheer terror.

            Maybe if I keep pacing, she’ll wake up.

            He kept marching around his home, anxiously staring at her while he did, inwardly screaming at her to wake up and be okay. Alex didn’t know if there was anything else he could do without scaring her even more. He hadn’t looked in a mirror for well over a year, since he escaped, and had no idea if he’d gotten grotesque and ugly. What would she think of him when she awoke?

            He could only hope for the best. What would he tell her? Maybe introduce himself and confess that he’d been secretly spellbound by her presence, so he’s spied on her from the safety of his forest?

            That’s probably worse combined with the fact that she’s in a strange hut with a mutant, naked human.

            While Alex was deep in thought, desperately trying to figure out how he could explain the situation without confusing her, Coralie blinked her eyes open and felt her heart still beating in her chest. A wave of relief washed over her as she realized that she was still indeed alive. Euphoria exploded inside her; she hadn’t been so happy to actually exist for such a long time. She reached up and touched her face, her hair, just to feel the silk that was her skin, the satin that was her hair. She moved on the mat, it rustled and she scared herself, shooting up from the ground like a bat out of Hell.

            Alex stopped in his tracks, frozen at the sight of her stirring. What should he say? What should he even do?

The End

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