Chapter TwoMature

Alex was only aware of such things called crushes and love from his reading habits. Despite the fascination Alex had with the world of books and poetry, he had never grasped the concept of love and lust; how they were so distinct in context, yet felt similar to somebody who’d never been convinced of the existence of either. The boy had gained knowledge of the concepts through the books he’d stashed in a box he kept hidden in the forest. The only access to reading that Alex had was through snooping in the library that the parahumans were granted access to while in the hands of the scientists. He’d looted through boxes and boxes of discarded novels with dog-eared pages and faded covers, finding a few that captivated him, and later sparked a new hobby.

            It was weeks before he saw them again, following a humungous U-Haul truck up the gravel drive. Alex was intrigued; he assumed the arrival of such a large vehicle meant that they were staying for good. Pieces of furniture were unloaded, beds and tables and chairs carried down a ramp by a pair of tough-looking men.

            He stayed hidden in the shadows. There was only so much he knew and could know.

            A few more very longs days passed, and they arrived again, hopefully for the last time, Alex wished. At this point, he was growing sick and tired of wanting to interact with the family, and restless from days spent just waiting for their arrival. If you thought about it, all he could really do was watch them go from inside to outside. It’d be barbaric if he snuck into the house and found a hiding spot to spy on them some more.

            Alex very nearly gave up on his dreams of talking to the strange girl. She appealed to him so much, more than any of the females that lived alongside him. She was exotic; they were hairy and feral. She looked serene, indifferent; they were obnoxious, complete with all the same urges and frequencies. He never wanted anything to do with the others, emotionally, sexually, whatever. They disgusted him.

            Would he disgust her?

The End

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