Chapter TwoMature

The boy never expected his day to turn out like this.

            Alex was young, barely seventeen years old, and had never experienced any close contact with humans, unless you considered the parahumans that he had escaped with many years ago. While still considered a science experiment, he learned basic mannerisms from the scientists who weren’t cruel, such as proper grammar and speaking appropriately. But this was something different entirely.

            Word had been spreading around the roost like wildfire that there was a new family moving onto the plot of land that Alex’s "family" had claimed as theirs. It was imminent that they eliminate the family for their survival; since there was no way that they’d be going back to where they came from. They'd escaped capture many times before, but it was growing harder to find places to coexist with humans when they looked simply alien. Alex went along with the plans, but of course, had his head in the clouds, dreaming of the day if and when he might actually become normal. All the mutants frequently shunned him for desiring such things, because there clearly was no chance of them ever shedding their animal skin and changing their mixed DNA.

            The very first day when the Reed’s had driven up the road and exited their car, Alex’s interest piqued. They didn’t have claws sprouting from their fingers, or sleek hair covering their bodies, like Luther or the rest of his kind. They wore clothes – unlike him – and their skin was clear and scar-free, whereas he had raised white marks covering his body like tattoos from the numerous physical fights he'd encountered in his short, exhausting lifetime. They looked peaceful strangely happy. What Alex couldn’t figure out is how they could appear so oblivious to the obvious Hell-ish world that existed around them. At least, that’s what he’d gleaned from observing the two eldest humans.

            The girl, however, even from a distance, made his heart flutter underneath his skin. Keeping in mind that this was the only group of people that he’d ever encountered in his life other than his own, he was dying to know more about her.

            The first thing he noticed was her dark hair that flowed down the back of her summer dress, wavy and loose and carefree, swaying from side-to-side whenever she walked. Her body was lean, yet she still pulled off curves and the desirable hour glass shape. His eyes were glued to her; he couldn’t stop gawking even if he wanted to. There was just something about her, the way she carried herself maybe, or how she appeared to be just as dreamy and aloof as he was.

            It began as mere curiosity, and then grew into an adorable infatuation with the new-comers. He hid in the shelter of the forest and waited each day until he could observe them again. To some, it’d be downright disturbing and unsettling, to perceive a young man watching a girl he’d never spoken to so intently, but some would understand that it was a crush blossoming in the heart of somebody who’d never experienced one.

The End

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