Chapter OneMature

            Luther snarled at the stranger, taking a step towards him with his wings outstretched and claws opened.

            “I mean it, Luther, leave now or be prepared for the consequences. I heard her scream from the sanctuary all the way from here.” The stranger said firmly, his voice deep and meaningful.

           Much to the new guy’s surprise, Luther shrank back a little away from him. However, the hideous creature was still eyeballing Cora’s body. He could look, but he couldn’t touch. There was something about this guy that forced him to keep his distance, no matter how much he wanted to get closer, he couldn’t. It’s as if his mere presence had set up a force field around Cora’s body.

            The stranger warned him one more time. “Beat it, you filthy bastard! Get out of here before I kill you on my own accord!” And with that, Luther grumbled in protest but retreated, like he was told.

            You’re lucky you’ve got the authority you do. Luther targeted the thought to the stranger.

            The guy watched Luther’s disappearing figure until he was just a tiny dot flying off to the roost in the sky before he turned his attention back to the casualty. Her feathery brown hair was fanned out around her heart-shaped face on the dirty ground, her eyes closed against the trauma of the day. She had purple, bruise-like shadows underneath her eyes, from what the stranger couldn’t put his finger on. Her lean frame was curled up in the fetal position. Her breathing was very shallow. She looked like a maiden, dressed in white. He stared at her peaceful face for a few undisturbed seconds before he scooped her up in his arms and carried her off, deeper into the forest.

The End

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