Chapter OneMature

           Cora blacked out for a few moments, and when she awoke, her head was throbbing from the impact of her head smacking against the wall. When she finally regained her composure and pulled herself up into a sitting position, she lifted her gaze to stare at the top of the stairs, and was horrified to see that the creature was standing there, gazing at her with an animal’s hungry stare. Fear was instilled in her once again, and she realized that there was no chance of her escaping the creature’s clutches with her clumsy human body.

          But she was going to try to anyways.

          She pushed herself up from the straw and her feet slid out from underneath her.

          What the fuck is going on? Does this thing want to kill me or what?

          Her first instinct was to distract the creature in order to buy herself some time for an escape if it did, in fact, want to eat her gut. She groped around the floor for a means of distraction, and her fingers curled around a generously sized rock. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. Weighing it in her palm, she squinted at the mobile creature at the top of the stairs and took her aim, throwing the heavy rock as hard as she could at it. Even if she missed, at least she attempted to distract it for a few seconds. As soon as the stone had left her hand, she blitzed into a mad dash for the open window on her right, hoping to get as far away from the demonic creature as possible.

           She was fully aware that the chances of her making it out alive were slim, if the creature wanted to kill her.

           What if it wants to be my friend? I ain't sticking around to find out...

           It was only a matter of seconds before Cora knew that she’d have to run like a bat out of hell away from this thing. She leaped out of the shattered window, catching the edge of her white cotton dress on a shard and tearing it. The young woman sprinted across the yellowed fields, never wanting to peek over her shoulder, knowing instinctively that whatever “it” was, it would be there. She ran and ran, until she was almost on the brink of the creepy forest. She ran until she was positive her legs couldn’t go another step, and she still kept running.

           A fresh pulse of adrenaline fueled her when she heard the furious beating of wings above her head. All the hairs on the back of her neck prickled once her primitive instincts kicked in. There was no leeway in this situation. She was on the brink of either living or dying, it was that horrifying and that simple.

           Coralie burst into the woods with a new wave of panic overcoming her. She quickly glanced over her shoulder, but didn’t see the creature on foot or hovering over the tree tops. However, that didn’t stop her from barreling through the woods any less than she would have before.

The End

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