Chapter OneMature

Cora was mindlessly wandering through the dirt aisle of the old barn, enjoying the peace and quiet she was experiencing. She appreciated the sound of wind brushing against the wooden walls and the soft pat of her feet against the floor. She could handle the wind whispering to her. It was almost becoming a pleasant rhythm, one she wished she could understand.

           By the time she had made her way around the whole barn, she realized that she’d never covered the hay loft. She gazed up curiously at the darkened hole in the roof, with a few rickety stairs poking into the abyss, and jumped when a loud bang rumbled through the floor boards. She approached the first step, and tested her weight.  It groaned underneath her, but she managed to climb into the hay loft without the barn collapsing below her. She peered around in the darkness, but all she could see was old square bales of hay. Feeling like she nothing to lose and nothing to gain from this experience, she took a few more cautious steps into the loft, blinking hard a few times to allow her eyes to adjust to the dark. Cora peered on in the darkness, and turned to head back to the old farmhouse.

           She heard a slight rustling in the hay to her right; growing louder the longer she stood in the loft. There wasn’t much that frightened Cora, except for the subject of aliens and ghosts.

           It’s just a mouse, nothing sinister, Cora reassured herself. But no matter what her brain said, her body was not convinced. Her nerves were hot-wired to send her heart hammering in her chest, and her muscles tensed as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She was braced for an attack; fight or flight mode was activated.

           Oh my God, please don’t be an alien hiding in the hay loft.

          And as quickly as it had started, the rustling stopped. Cora let out her breath noisily through her mouth, but her flexed muscles refused to relax. She remained poised toward the noise.

           The cause of the rustling stepped out of the darkness. Stepped out of the darkness.

The End

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