well, its about a girl called Alena and one night changes her whole life... you'll have to read to find out! =]


It was a cold early morning, the ice abnormally hung to the pane on the glass of her window. The stormy wind strangely seemed to seep through the girls windows and it made her toss and turn in her small bed, clinging to the thin sheets. Obviously, she was not expecting the drastic weather or she believed that she was having a dream.

The light at the side of her bed flickered monstrously, making the scene look even more horrific. The girl did not know it, but something awful would happen tonight that would change her life permanently.

Outside the tiny white house that looked brittle at this moment, the grand oak tree swayed obediently. Embracing with the wind, dancing with it. Hypnotized by the power. The ice froze over the rusty car and frosted the grass over which made the habitat look beautiful... and even more dangerous.

Inside the house and along the corridor from the girl, her parents slept, loudly. The sudden chill did not disturb them in any way, unlike their daughter. With a sharp breath, her eyes flittered open as she shivered. Not being able to sleep any longer, she instantaneously wrapped her body in her icy blue-how ironic- dressing gown and slipped out of her room silently as a ghost. She eventually found her way to the living room and made a fire, she smiled deeply as she took in the warmth.

Creeping to the kitchen, she made herself a cup of tea. She got out her silver cell phone in the process.

"Kristen," She hissed "Are you awake?"

"Nooo..." Kristen mumbled, still half asleep.

"Aren't you cold?!" She asked, impatient.

"No, Alena, what’s wrong?"

"Its...It’s so cold!" Alena shivered out of her frosty blue lips.

"It's only September... how is it cold?!" She asked, wondering if her friend had gone mad "Now go back to sleep Alena. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Then Kristen cut off the line and Alena sighed.

It’s... freeeziiinggg!  She said to herself as she perched on the sofa with her hot beverage. A whisper of wind crept through the window and she stood up to shut it, spilling some of her drink over her.

"Aw, crap!" She moaned as she wiped herself down and finally approached the window. The ferocious wind blew her hair around her and she cringed against it as she tried to shut it. At last, it obeyed her and she fell to the floor, exhausted.

There was a Thump! From behind her and deep, slow breathing. She listened to the breaths and could feel the danger. Her face twisted in fright. She sat there, frozen for several long seconds, afraid for her life to turn around.

Then she eventually did.

She gasped in horror.

This face she had never seen, but it wasn’t an exact stranger. The similarity between the boy who had been missing at school for several weeks who the girl liked and the... thing in front of her was disturbing to Alena. He had the same round eyes and small straight nose, the same flawless lips and the same thick dark hair, but he was completely and utterly different.

His skin which used to be tanned by the sun was now a lot lighter and seemed to have a shimmer to it. His round eyes were still permanent, but instead of the dreamy blue they were now a dark and mysterious purple. His lips seemed to be slightly blue, like he was cold like Alena from the ‘storm’. His hands seemed to be thinner, slender and the nails were the same colour as his perfect lips. He was more muscle than he was the last time Alena had seen the boy. The boy, Blake recognised the girl and smiled, but it wasn’t the same as when he was in school. It looked different like him.

“H...H...” Alena tried to talk to him, ask him, but she couldn’t.

“Shhh,” He said in a soft, alluring voice “Do not worry. You’re pain will be ceased soon, you’re questions will be answered.”

This confused her “Wha...What do you mean?”

“Come with me.” He said

Alena stood up but the small piece of sanity in the back of her mind told her to stay back.

“I can’t” She almost whispered.

“But you have no choice!” He whipped, but his voice was still kind.

“I don’t understand... what’s going on?”

“Do you trust me?” He asked her, avoiding her question.

 She looked into his new eyes and couldn’t help but say “Yes.”

“Then come” He put his hand out in front of her and she took it. As soon as she did, everything went black.

The End

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