Chilling story -- Two places at once?

Even though I am very unsuperstitious, non-'psychic', don't 'see dead people', etc., I have to admit that this bizarre thing that happened with one of my good friends and his girlfriend freaked me out (they are also not 'ghost/coincidence' freaks -- which makes this even more weird.)

One night, my friend and his girlfriend got into a fight over a misunderstanding that they had -- no biggie. But there were some raised voices. NOTE: Now, you have to understand that these two are madly in love with each other, ever since grade school. They pretty know what each other's f*rts smell like on cue, they're that close LOL (sorry to be gross!).

Anyways, they made up after this fight that night. After all the mushy stuff, my friend had to go back to the office that night, at around 11 p.m. to finish a project that was due at noon the next day. He told her she could call anytime during the night if she wanted to, if she wanted to just talk some more, and also to keep him company.

It took him pretty much all night to do this thing ... and he was really tired, especially after the fight drama. But finally, he finished it, and decided to go back to her place for a few winks before going back in at noon.

This is where none of us can explain what happened.

When he got there, she had a huge smile on her face, and was extra affectionate. He was about to ask her if she fell asleep before calling him, but before he did, she just kept telling him how much she loves him, and how sweet and romantic he was, sneaking into bed with her unexpectedly during the night, and sharing his dreams and telling her how much he loves her.

My friend thought that she had a pretty nice dream that she remembered to tell him about, but he told her that he was not back at the apartment until now. He was there all night -- she could have checked if she had called.

She laughed at first, but when he kept insisting, she got mad again, and said that he should stop playing games like that, it wasn't funny. After his last passionate insistence that 'I DID NOT come back here during the night!', she suddenly got faint and looked terrified.
All he could do -- confused as hell -- was hug and hold her and ask, what had her freaking out that bad?

She said, she was not dreaming, and she had proof.

Apparently, 'someone' had slid into her bed during the night, in the dark, that felt, sounded, talked, WAS EXACTLY like my friend. They spent a couple of hours with their eyes closed, just talking about sweet nothings before he got up and ... just didn't come back. The apartment door is double-bolted, it's a small apartment (you can see the entire apartment from any point) and you can't get in through the window (it's on the 7th floor.) The first thing I asked was, could it have been an intruder anyhow?

That, however implausible, could have been possible, except that his girlfriend said that this 'person' was saying things that ONLY those two could POSSIBLY know about. When still looking for an explanation, she told my friend that this person told her about something my friend had been planning for her, that my friend hadn't even told her yet (or me!). Right down to the last detail.

Needless to say, all of us are spooked by this. If anyone out there has experienced anything like this, please respond, because this defies logic. How could he have been in the office, and in his girlfriend's apartment at the same time? Not just 'spiritually', but PHYSICALLY?!?

One more thing: my friend loves cheesecake (something his macho self would only tell his girlfriend), and during their bedtime convo, 'he' wanted some from the fridge. When my friend and his girl looked in the sink in the kitchen, there was a plate with cheesecake crust on it -- and she SWEARS she didn't have any that night.

The End

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