cold.... clamby darkness... i feel.. empty. shadows flitter and dance.... i cant move.. cant think... cant breathe... a breath of warm against my spine. i am nothing.... no one.... i let the darkness ingulf me.... and close my eyes for the last time....

im sorry Alice....

feeling.... somthing that seems to be like a long lost friend. at first i think that it is the breath of death come back to pull me into darkness. i dare to sip some of the air and end up growing a hunger for it, pain launches into my chest as i suck in the cool refreshing air.

i open my eyes and see shadows, bright coulerful shadows. i rub my eyes that are still remarkably still intact, the shadows are replaced by people. a young man and woman. the man in a strange looking suit that is neither silk nor cotten, had hair that looked as grey and frizzy as the webs in my coffin. i get up, bones cracking under the pressure. the man holds fast and boldy walks closer. the girl retreats a few steps until the man shouts in words i have long forgotten.

i..have forgotten. my mind claws for memeroies, and identitys. nothing... i am lost, i look around and do not recognize the cemitary i have so obviously benn lying in for centurys.

the man walks closer and touches my forehead, before i can react images flood into my mind. images of a man and his family. i scrutinize the look on his unhappy face only to be hit by the realization that the man is me. i see the unhappyness spread over the faces of my family, i see them leave forever and the unhappyness consume me further.

while i watch missed opertunitys with the minds eyes my mortale eyes rest on the girl, she is dressed in blue robes revealing only her eyes. she is scared by my looking at her but i cannot look away, i am mesmerized by her. she is reasonably pretty but still it is more than that. i recognise her then the images stop and my sight blurrs.

"estorum gleflorea" .

The End

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