The Camera

As the flap flew open, the flash came again and it lit James' face right up to the point where one could see the shining of his tear stained cheeks.

He reached into the box and grabbed hold of a wooden cube shaped object. He pulled it out to find that it was a toy camera, with a light and a looking lens. The light flashed again, and James covered his eyes with an arm, holding the camera out in one hand away from his body. But the camera had been aimed at him when it had flashed.

To James' incredulous amazement, the camera made a clicking sound as if it had taken a picture, and then out came a photograph! The photograph slipped out of the bottom like out of a printer, and James watched in stunned disbelief as it fell like a heavy leaf to the ground. James placed the camera carefully on the grass before picking up the picture and turning it right side round.

A frightened yet familiar face stared back at him with wide eyes. He looked at the picture closely, and indeed, his own face was staring back at him. But there was a curious red ball of light over his shoulder. James turned to look but saw nothing on the dull tent wall.

Pocketing the photo and taking the camera in hand again, he began to pace through the tent. This could be great fun! His very own camera! James was so very excited by this discovery that not only did he momentarily forget his troubles, but he also thought nothing of taking the camera as his own.

He pulled the tent flap open on the far side and stood in blinking wonder at the rolling farm field beyond. He'd made it to the end of the park! Now all he had to do was run all the way around to the entrance! That was easy; James was a fast runner. He would run across the field like a cheetah!

He tucked the wooden camera under his arm and began his run.

When he was finally back in the safety of his family and friends within all appropriate boundaries, his perilous mission complete, he bent his attention upon the camera.

"What's that you've got there?" his father asked. "Is that a toy camera?"

"Yeah, I'm going to be a photographer!" James said. And he snapped a picture of his father. His father smiled and turned away, missing the strange sight of the photograph slipping quickly from the wooden box. But James was planning on showing off his pictures anyway.

And then he looked at the picture. His eyes went wide. There was no way he was going to show this to his father.

The picture showed his father's face in a dark contrast with a strange blue light that wavered all the way down his father's chest with splashes of color and twists of red and purple. And there was a face sitting on his father's shoulder. It was smiling for the picture. James dropped the photo in the dirt out of astonishment. The image faded away.

And so, with his eyes wide and his fingers shaking, he took another photo just to be sure of himself. This time, he pointed the camera at the sky.

What emerged from the camera was enough to make his jaw drop. It showed a sky full of colorful fleeting shapes flying in every direction...spirit figures in a supernatural wind.

James' face went pale and he fingered his new camera with awe. What did his camera see that his eye could not? Were they ghosts? Were they spirits? Were they magical creatures? James was going to find out.

The End

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