The man in black returns

Serthon also had an ability much like Al's. He switched his eyes to view text like Al did do see music. The world around him turned to black and white resembling the pages of a book. Wisps’ of grey smoke seemed to roll gently off of every surface and float into the air where they formed letters, then words, and finally sentences. They were always short statements that told him what he should do or what he needed to hear. This time, the words formed faster than usual. The text didn't look thick and neat like it usually did, but more rush, almost like an unreadable scribble with a message that couldn't have been clearer, "Save your superior, or watch him die!"

Chills ran down the Level Four's spine as he switched his eyes back. Al was reaching towards the swirling mass and Serthon wasn't close enough to grab him. He had plenty of chances of stopping him with the number of books on the shelf, but Serthon had to make sure his point was clear this time. He sent the entire six foot tall bookshelf flying towards Al knocking him off his feet. Serthon flipped the shelf, dumping the various encyclopedias and fiction books on the floor along with the shelves. Using the wooden frame as a box he set it over Aldrenz, exerting every ounce of his power to hold it down. Turning his head he shouted to the rest, "Are you just going to stand there like scared children, or are you going to help me?"

Several of the Level four's shook themselves out their shock and surged forward to hold the box down on their superior. Serthon released the box from his power and suddenly fell on his hands and knees. His legs felt wobbly like jell-o. Sweat was pumping from his pores in small salty rivers, dripping into his eyes and mouth. Panic filled him, "Something’s not right." he thought to himself, "I've never felt this tired after using my powers."

He tried to switch his eyes in hopes of finding an answer, but the words never formed. The tiny wisps’ of smoke all seemed to be attracted to the mass, being absorbed before they could form the letters. He looked down at his hands. Black streaks leaked out from every finger and across the floor like ink running down a page. Serthon could sense the mass beginning to swirl faster and more violently. The leaks grew larger as it intensified until they were no longer streaks, but shiny black orbs floating with the smoke into the darkness of the mass. Serthon’s elbows grew weak causing him to collapse face first in to the ground, “It’s draining me!”he thought, horrified.Black spots swam through his vision. In his last seconds of consciousness he looked around the room.

Level Four’s were struggling to hold the box down. Papers, book, chairs, and floor tiles flew in circles as the mass pulled them into its orbit. The mass was no longer black, but a sphere of thick smoke rotating like a small planet and in the center, where the recruit should have been, was the man in black. His ghostly hand was pointing at Serthon, his body gliding quietly towards the weak figure on the floor. An atomic heat coursed through Serthon’s head that was cooled only by a cold evil voice that echoed from everywhere in the room, “You’ll do for now.”

A throat ripping scream escaped from Serthon’s lungs           as he watched the last drops of power leave his body. His eyes switched back to view the regular world, but the man in black remained, getting closer still, and then Serthon blacked out…

The End

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