Al recovers and sees the mass gone

Aldrenz opens his eyes, staring up at the sky. He could still feel faint traces of the ultimate energy that had filled his mind. The power that he had never before felt. Blinking, he tries to stand up and finds Serthon helping him to stand. Looking around, Al sees that the energy mass is gone, and that the recruit was laying on the ground, barely breathing.
"what happened?"
Serthon looks at Al funny and replies,"You touched the thing and then it.. Exploded, and it seemed to flow into you."
Watching the recruit, Al listens as Serthon explains about how they both fell and how the others were worried that Al was dead. Zoning him out, Al walks to the recruit with the assistance of Serthon. When they stood over the boy, Aldrenz knelt down and looked at him. Suddenly, one of the boys hands shot up at Al. Catching the hand, Al watches as his eyes blast open, music flowing out. Startled, he released the hand and stepped back, the boy standing, music flowing from his eyes still.
The energy was still there, filling his mind. The power giving him the strength he needed to stand. The other boy was there as well, backing away. Now why would he do that? I'm not dangerous, I'm not even strong enough to stand with out the music. As he stands there, he tries to release the energy slowly, and still remain standing on his own feet.
Al watches as the flow of energy from the boy lessens, fading until it is gone completely. The boy seems to start to fall, but collects himself at the last moment. 
"Someone go help him inside. I'd like to have a little chat with our newest No-Level. He seems a little unsteady on his feet." Al says quietly. Serthon stares at him in astonishment, being the only to have heard what was said. Turning to the Fours, he shouted commands for two of them to assist the boy in to the Craeth refresh rooms, and for another to go find the No-Levels. Everyone stared at Serthon, unable to believe that he had just asked for the No-Levels.

"Now! Inform them that Master Aldrenz will require there presence in refresh room three. Go now!"

The Fours all scattered, two running to the boy and the rest ran off searching for the NL's. As everyone left, Serthon lead Aldrenz past the boy and the two fours into the Craeth Entrance. Waiting in the Entrance for the other three, Serthon took the opportunity to ask, "What are you thinking promoting him all the way to No-Level without ever being a Level! And without the approval of Hyrden! You..."
"Would you be quiet! I know what I'm doing, " Al hissed back, "and I do not appreciate my actions being questioned! If you stay quiet and pay attention, maybe you will be able to understand what I have in mind for this boy. Or you could just ask those little sentences in your other eyes. Either way, be quiet!"  

The others arrived at the Entrance at that time, silencing the conversation. As they all huddled into the Entrance, Al shouted, "Refresh rooms!"

The End

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