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Serthon wathced with a worried look plastered to his face as Al approached the mass in the center of the room. He had a feeling that Al was being attracted to mass's power rather than the recruit trapped inside and the smile on Al's face gave Serthon the impression that Al was growing an addiction to the feeling. His stomach clenched as he thought about the last time Al had been exposed to such an extreme amount of power...

...It has been only a few months after Serthon had arrived at the Craeth. A strange man in tattered black robes, from head to toe, had appeared on The Craell grounds spreading panics through the students of every level. Everyone except for Al. A small circle of Level Four's gathered around Al and the man in black, all of them prepared to step in and lend Al a hand if he needed it.

"How did you get here?" Al questioned, stepping towards the stranger, " No ones allowed on Creall grounds with out say so of one of the Superiors."

The man only laughed deeply and reached out, grabbing Al by the shoulder with one hand and placing the other across his face. The man slowly disintegrated into a black cloud and flowed into Al's body through his mouth nose and ears until the cloud was gone. Turning to face everyone Al let out a laugh that sounded as dark as the man's had. His eyes had turned to a coal black and Al began to rise off the ground. He'd been possessed by so much power that for the first time in their lives, even the weakest of Level One's, could see the music streaming off of Al's body.

Serthon took a step closer to Al as the music began to swirl violently, like a tornado. Serthon's ability at the time was simply to make books fly through the air and he would later find out that he could do so much more than that. things like recalling any information he'd ever read, changing stories to suit his liking, making words fly from the pages of a book into ropes of text in the air, or even bringing the words to life. But that wouldn't come until he was a Level Four. For now, flying books would have to do. He always carried a book with him, but he'd never hit a person with one on purpose until that day.

The book hit Al directly between the eyes and he fell out of the air in an unconscious heap. The dark cloud rushed out of his body, briefly forming the shape of a man again. The figure let out an angry growl in Serthon's direction then disappeared. Al coughed and came to, with an eerie smile on his face...

...It was the same smile Serthon had seen hime wearing now. Chasing after Al, Serthon made the nearest bookshelf lift off the ground, completely prepared to hurl it at his Superior.

The End

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