Al reaches the boy inside the mass

As Aldrenz made his way towards the swirling mass, he could feel something pulling at his mind, stretching it somehow. Switching his mind to view the music, he saw that there was a cocoon of light and music around him. Amazed and fascinated with this interesting power at work, he quickly switches back to view the world normally before he becomes overwhelmed. Forcing himself to continue on, he hears voices in his head, but unable to distinguish words. 
As Al reached the edge of the mass, he could see inside that there was a figure. As Al reached out and touched the mass, his mind exploded in a magnificent array of colours and light and emotions.
                                                   Inside the Mass 
The power was incredible. He had never been able to harness this much, never without assistance of some sort. These people were really helping him to reach his potential. Smiling, he tried to add another strand to the music weave. As the strand wove into the dancing beauty all around him, he felt a jolt shoot through his entirety. His power began to fade, slipping out of his control and leaving him. Panic floods through him as his senses return to normal, everything being more dull than when the power was with him. As the last of the power leaves him, he falls to the ground, the energy that held him up gone.


The End

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