Bad First Impressions....

Zaria sighed. She had done it again. She had made someone walk away from her without a bacward glance.

She was just contemplating what to do next when the door on the otherside of the room opened. A young male came in. Zaria knew instinctivly that it was another one. Another of her visions.

The young boy walked right past her and Zaria saw that it was a twelve year old Al. He suddenly turned around sensing her presence but being unable to see her until she announced it.

"Hello?" He asked the empty room. Zalia was tempted to answer. To change his past but there were always consequences.

Stuff the consequences, She thought to herself,  He has to change. It is for the better good. And the consequences can't be all that bad if he is made into a nicer person. A cleaner more calm mind.

This decided her.

"Hello. What are you doing down here?" She asked him, announcing her presence. He didn't wince. He didn't show any emotion at all when she suddenly appered out of nowhere.

"Who are you?" He asked her neuterly.

"I am..." Zalia didn't know what to tell him then she was suddenly hit by an idea. "I am a gohst from you're future sent to help you on youre way to adult hood." I said brightly.

The End

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