Al continues on to the Craeth

Stopping, Al turns his head, saying "And? If you are done delivering your message, I'll be on my way. Like I said. I need to test the new recruit." Continuing on his way, Aldrenz left his brother behind and hurried on to Craell grounds, expecting to find the level two's hard at work and the level three's having mock battles to improve their skills.

As Al entered the large blue gates, he instantly found himself surrounded by panicking level four's, all trying to talk over the others. 

"Quiet! One at a time!" Al yells over the frantic voices. Pointing to the highest ranking Four, Serthon, he asked, "What is the reason for this? What could possibly be so terrible that you couldn't figure out a solution yourself?"

Taking a deep breath, Serthon replied, "It's the recruit. One moment he was being tested for level four, and then he.. he... Gah! I don't know how to explain it! just come!" Grabbing Al's arm, Serthon rushed him to the Craell grounds used for testing. As they ran, the other four's ran along behind, trying to keep up. As they arrived at the edge of the testing site, they stopped, and Aldrenz stared. not believing his eyes, he switched over his eyes to watch for music, and was even more amazed.

In the center of the facility, there was.. something. It seemed to be made of everything, and nothing. What everyone else saw was a swirling mass of fire, earth, shadows, water, and light. The shadows swirled around all the elements, and the light shined forth from inside. The light and shadow danced around each other, creating an energy of sorts. It was all so very fantastic, but nothing compared to the music side. The music added another dimension to what the others saw and experienced.

Watching as the pure light and darkness danced forever, Aldrenz watched as the music swirled inside, pushing and pulling at everything. The pure beauty of what he saw filled him completely. The power and pure energy filled his mind, filling him in a way he had never before known, a way that made him feel.. unstoppable. As if he could do anything at all. Closing his eyes, he wasn't surprised when he still saw the mass of beauty and power and destruction in his mind. Excitement filled him as he thought of trying something he had never been strong enough to do. Inhaling deeply, he prepared to command the music in a way never done before. 

"Al? Al are you ok?"

His concentration shattered. Opening his eyes, Al realized where he was, and what was happening. Surprised to find himself crouched with his legs folded somehow and his arms out and bent up towards the sky and his head down, he slowly stood up.
"I'm fine, don't worry about me. You all stay here, I'm going to go see what is going on with this." As Aldrenz walked away, he turned back asking, almost as an afterthought, "What was his power again? I can't seem to remember."
" He never said what it was, he only said that it had something to do with music."
Turning, Al smiled to himself and  continued on towards the mass of.. whatever it was.

The End

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