Al goes to "help" his dad


Taking Al's hand, Delgron started running as fast as he could. Normally, he was very timid and didn't like to do irrational things such as this. But it was clear to him that Al wasn't going to go home by himself. Delgron didn't like how Al could have such a nonchalant attitude against their mother. She was very controlling and actually yelled at Delgron while people were 'studying' him to go and bring the 'smart' son back home.

Al couldn't help but wonder if running was Del's power. The kid certainly had a knack for it. While most kids couldn't walk through their mother's garden without tripping, Del had managed to run through the whole thing, zig zagging and doing other dangerous stunts around delicate flowers that most people dare not to even think about.

When they finally reached the house, their mother was waiting. "So, were you going to come back? Or was I right and Delgron had to drag you?" Aldrezn only stared into space. He was not like his mother in any way, shape, or form. It helped that she wasn't his true mom. But, Delgron didn't know the truth about their mother, so Al had to keep quiet about that. "Where is Father?" Delgron took him to the laboratory where their dad often taught the students. "He's down there. The girl was scared, like she didn't know how to deal with people like her. But I think she has a power. Wish I was that lucky." Al turned and went into the lab while Del went to go be viewed as a insignificant being. Again.

When Al got downstairs, he immediately saw the girl, whose hair was a mess and looked like she could've been a boy. She turned and, seeing him, smiled. "Hello, I am Zaria."

The End

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