Children of Unknown Power

A story i hope will stretch your imagination. NO powers that are "typical" are used, all powers are created originally, or at least aren't commonly heard of. These young people all do amazing things, and live in a fantastic world where anything and everything is real and possible

Standing in the air, Aldrenz watched as the music flowed through the sky. Directing the music of his soul had always brought him peace when his mind is troubled. Watching as the music weaved together with the light, Aldrenz heard someone yelling his name. Turning and looking down, he saw that his brother was walking to the sky tower. Releasing the music, he watched as it drifted away and disappeared. Looking away, he descended the tower, arriving at the base at the same time as his brother.

Aldrezn's brother  had no special power. He couldn't even climb the sky tower, and you hardly needed any power at all to be allowed on the tower. Nine years old, Delgron was eight years younger than Aldrenz, and was still kept at home so that his progress could be watched, so that he could be studied like some strange creature. Which he was. Very few people had ever been born completely powerless, and many considered them as lesser beings only good for being studied.

"Mom wants you to come home Al. She said that you needed to help Dad with one of the new students."
"I don't care if he needs help, all those students of his are weak fools who think to become a member of my Craeth. Tell mom I'll be home later. I need to evaluate my newest recruit anyways." Aldrenz replied with a bored look. Watching his brother shuffling his feet with his head down from the side of his eye, Al wondered what else the boy had to say.
"Mom said you'd say that. She said to tell you that if you did, I was supposed to tell you that the student came today." Delgron still had his head down, hiding his face. 

turning to leave, Al replied,"And? I don't care if they came today or two years ago. Dad can handle it without me." As Al started to walk away, Delgront said the last part of his message.
"Oh, and she said somethin bout the student being a girl from the Outlands."




The End

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