To War

The next morning, Elias rose early and dressed in his newly-received Squad-Regent's uniform. Retrieving the equipment he had been issued from the armory, he returned to his squad's cabin to rouse the other men. Opening the old wooden door to the cabin, Elias made his way first to William's bunk. Shaking the older man by the shoulder caused William only to shrug Elias' hand off and groan, so Elias quickly walked over to William's wardrobe and removed one of five identical uniforms. Then, Elias flung the uniform at William's head. This immediately woke the man, who threw the uniform on the ground before furiously searching for the culprit. When he laid eyes on Elias, who was doubled over with laughter, William groggily glared at him before snatching the uniform which had been tossed at him off the floor and rolling out of bed.

"Could've just shook me out of bed, lad," he said grumpily, though he was smiling in amusement.

Elias considered offering up the information that he had tried that but had gotten no result, but then decided against it. "Time to get up," he instead replied.

William nodded as he retreated to the back of the cabin - the unit's newly adopted "dressing quarters" - to don his uniform; Elias approached one of the other recruits and shook him, saying, "Get up; it's time to go to work." This man proved easier than William to wake, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes almost immediately. After waking all of the other men, Elias and his unit ate a minimal breakfast, consisting of mouse-bitten bread and some half-cooked eggs, before reporting to the training yard in time for instruction.

After another long day of training, Elias and his men went to the crumbling mess hall for supper and then returned to their cabin; the next morning, they woke early and prepared for training once again. This grueling process continued for weeks, and in the end they were assigned to the Royal Navy. They were to serve under a Captain Baulder, and they would ship out to his location off the coast of Kiev in a day's time when the next transport departed for the front.

The End

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