The third childMature

Having drunk way more than usual, Sora wandered around the club in a drunken stupor, not knowing where she was going. She entered an egyptian themed private lounge but as she stepped in, a large muscle bound man stopped her.

"Let her in Raphael." Came a man's voice from the other side of the room. "Could you leave us for now? We need to talk privately."

The towering gorilla stepped out of the way and the lady walked in the room proper. Sitting at a table in two large luxurious bench was a man and a woman, both dressed in casual yet chic attire.

"What's your name?" The dark skinned man asked, helping her seating down.

"Sora..." She said. Seeing her state, the man shot a nod at the girl and this one took the new comer's hand, whispering things she could hear.

For some reason, when she did, Sora felt revitalised, she felt like the alcohol in her body was gone!

"How did I get here?" She asked.

"You were drunk and you stumbled in while wandering. Atleast I presume so." The Woman said. I'm Carlie, but everyone just call me Tlazzy."

"How come I'm good now?" She asked, suspicious of something going on here.

"Tlazzy gave you a hand. In more than one way. I'm Bennet Bastis. Just call me ben."

"The Bilionaire?"

"The one and only. But don't treat me like that makes me better or more important. Also, if you want anything, you can order it. I'm footing the bill."

"No thanks... I need to get me head strait." Sora said.

"Tlazzy, is the ward still in effect?" Ben asked her.

She nodded and he added. "Guess we've found our third man or rather woman."

"What does that mean?" She asked, confused by what the milionaire was saying. "Is this some sexual thing?"

"No..." He responded. Wondering how she could not know what was going on. "Who are your parents?"

"Odd question... Why does he ask?" She thought to herself. "My mother was called Norma. I don't know my dad."

"You don't?" Carlie noted.

She shook her head.

The transvestite woman looked at the egyptian-american man. "Maybe she hasn't received her visitation..." She whispered.

"That would explain it."

"Explain what?" Sora questioned, seriously distressed by the incomprehensibility of the events...

"I'll explain it in a minute. Before that however..." The man whistled and called out "You two can get down here."

From the ventilation shaft above, the two ravens flew down to the table in the middle of the trio.

"It's them!" Sora cried out.

"How are you two doing?"  The man said to the birds, earning him concerned glares from Sora.

"We are doing quite well chap." The larger bird said in a crisp cultivated british accent. "As for you Sora, I have to present myself; I'm Munin, my esteemed colleague here is Hugin."

"We're still doin' that same shizzle, ben, watchin' the kids." The other said in a voice that held a hint of Brooklyn accent.

"They... they talk..." The nearly yelled in shock.

"How about you two give her a little history lesson?" Ben offered. "By the way, how's Eric doing?"

"Marvelously and that is quite literal might I add." Munin added. "But let's get back to the task at hand." he said, turning back to Sora...

The End

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