Movers and ShakersMature

After seeing the Raven, sleeping was near impossible for Sora. Anxious to see the new town she would be calling home, she threw back her covers. She opened her duffel bag and began searching for an outfit to wear. She desperately needed to go shopping. What did one wear in Chicago? The sequin numbers of Roxy Hart came to mind. Her life was no damn musical, nor was the real Chicago,but perhaps she could dress it up a bit.

She found a black halter top, that was borderline risk-kay. It was black and sequin, and showed far too much cleavage. She paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans and small leather boot heels. She glanced at herself in the mirror. Deciding to play it safe, she grabbed a sweater shall out of her duffel bag, just in case she couldn't summon Roxy Hart's courage tonight.

Sora wasn't sure drawing any more attention to herself was a good thing. Her was blonde, platinum and natural. Unfortunately for her, dye wouldn't take to it. And her eyes were an electric blue, that seemed all to false. While she hadn't dyed her hair this color and she wasn't wearing contacts, she would often be written off as a ditz, or someone who was going out of their way to achieve that sort of promiscuous look. She was in no sense of the word promiscuous. Often she tucked her hair back in a pink baseball cap, to conceal it and obscure her eyes. Tonight, just wasn't that night.

The stupid raven had made her want to let loose. She wanted a drink, maybe a couple. She headed to her small second home, an old yellow Beetle, that housed most of her entity. She typed in bars and entertainment in her Tom Tom. The GPS, produced a rather long list of bars and pubs in the area. She clicked on the first one, that came up for directions.

A few stop lights later, Sora found herself sitting in the parking lot of a large and ritzy looking club. She prayed, their was no bouncer or entrance free. Luckily for sora the club had neither. She was hoping it would be darker on the inside, but neon lights filled the room with an inviting glow. People were dancing provocatively on the the dance floor. Stripper poles were stationed on a stage. Sora almost turned back towards the exit when a barmaid, came up to her. “What can I do for you Bambi?”

Sora shook her head. “I was just on my way ou-”

Before Sora could finish she spotted something in the window. The second raven that stalked her on and off for ten years. This one was much larger and presumably male. Sora stole her gaze away and back to the barmaid.

“I will have a long island iced tea,” she said perching herself on a bar stool.A minute later the bar maid returned with her drink. Two minutes later it was gone. She ordered another and observed chicago's night life at it's best. She may have been under dressed for this club. She studied men in suit's, sitting over scotch, conferencing about business matters, and women who cozzied up to an old Heftner wannabee on a leather settee. Sora was far out of her element. This wasn't a bar, it was club for the Mover's and Shakers in the downtown loop of Chicago. Under her breath Sora cursed out Norma. Why would she send her to such a place?

The End

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