Gathering of the ChildrenMature

Ben walked into the club in the Loop of chigago. The lounge displayed many themes that made the tour of the entire world. The gigantic gorrila that was the bouncer nodded him in, not bothering to check his ID or his VIP card. Everyone there knew the half egyptian businessman.

The hostess redirected him to the private section he had reserved for the occastion. Altough much of the club was more or less cheap novelty, the egyptian section had been decorated with the real deal.

Ben had personally financed the section and gave some artefacts from his collection to furnish it. Inside, Tlazzy was waiting for him, she had no wig for once and she dressed unlike her usual eye-candy chich look.

"Hey babe." She greeted him, a martini in hand. "You've finally changed your mind about not dating me?"

"Keep dreaming, I don't swing that way Tlazzy." He replied neutrally.

"Bullshit." She almost sang. "I know about you and Jake Vulcan last year."

"Alright, I don't swing that way for you." He countered. "Beside we were drunk off our ass by the Satyrs."

"Speaking of Jake, Where is he?"

"He's in Italy, he's not coming back for a long while."

"A shame, I would have liked to have another juicy piece with us." The shemale claimed suggestively.

"Let's get down to business alright? You got attacked too?"

She nodded, her expression going somber and losing her charming smile. "Yeah. I think it was a new agent of the Circle. He didn,t seem to know about my abilities."

"Same for me. It was a clumsy attack, I think they're raising a new army, I know six other Scions that got attacked in the last three days. Bast thinks there's something going on, she came personally to warm me..."

"She could have just warned you about the attack." Carlie pointed out.

"I doubt it, There's been more than one assasination atempt on my person before and she didn't feel the need to warn me. Something bigger is brewing."

"Like what?"

"I think they're trying to distract us. All the attacks were in the americas, Must mean there's something going on and they want us occupied elsewhere."

"Is it just the two of us?" She asked. "We usually go in bigger group against them..."

"I received a call. Someone's going to join us... I don't know who though."

"Greeeaaat..." She said with a hint of derision.

A knock on the door was heard and they turned toward it.

"Speaking of the devil..." Ben whispered. "Come on in." He said, loudly this time.

The End

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