The PriestessMature

Carlie was running late, her car had broken down the past week after a fight after some gorillas so she was stuck on foot. She ran barefoot on the sidewalk, that had thankfully cooled down with the sunset, holding her heels in one hand her purse with another.

Her breasts bounced rather immodestly which gathered the looks of several men on the street that stared at the woman and her quite provocative attire.
She was sweating and panting when she reached her workplace, a club in the Loop called "Le lounge global" which had every of it's sections themed after different country.

"You're late, beautée" Her boss said in his French accent, using the French word for beauty like he always did with his female staff.

"I'm sorry Jean-Luc, my car's out of order." The Brazilian girl said.
"It's alright for this time." he said.

"You're the best!" she responded with a seductive smile.

She ran for the employee's room to fix herself up. She refreshed her make up, set some order in her dress and arranged her wig. Her real hair was really short, about two inches, she preferred to wear different high quality wigs instead, it gave her more range to choose from.

She pinned her name tag on the dress she wore, proudly announcing her name; Carlie "Tlazzy" Sanchez. The nickname had come from the time she was working as an exotic dancer and had just stuck.

She was at the bar that night and being a Monday, it was really quiet. Most of those who had come were on the dance floor or in one of the themed sections where the waitress tended to their needs.

She spent a good chunk of the night just watching the men prey on the ladies and the cougars prey on the quieter men that hadn't the balls to be in the first category. Her shift was almost over when a man sat down at the bar.

"Quiet night?" He asked after ordering a double scotch.

"Tell me about it, handsome." She replied.

"Oooh my. At least that means the feeling is mutual" He replied with a grin.

The barmaid eyes the guy up and down. He was an gorgeous piece she thought, tall, good looking, with the body of an athlete. Something in his icy blue eyes told her he was more than just a muscle-bound oaf.

"I was rather disappointed by the experience, until I saw you." The stranger observed "How can they keep such a beauty behind a bar, they should put you on a pedestal."

That night, she felt flirtatious and playful so she grabbed the hook. "I guess that's another feeling we have in common." She said, leaning on the bar, giving the man an
even better view of her endowment. "I'm Carlie. Everyone calls my Tlazzy."

He took her hand and kissed it "Jacob. Jacob Morrison."

"Quite the charmer." She remarked mentally.

"I finish my shift in ten minutes. How about we go somewhere after that?"
"I'd be my pleasure."

When she left work, Jacob took her to one of the fanciest restaurant in town, paying the bill himself of course. They talked the night away and she discovered he was a body guard for very important VIPs through the city.

When three in the morning hit, she accepted to follow the man to his apartment. Before the door even closed, she was on him. Kissing the man with their tongue meeting passionately.

Her right hand wandered under his shirt while the other snapped the buttons off one by one. She ripped the clothes off the man and pushed him on the bed, removing her own clothes.

"You're the most beautiful man I've ever seen..." She said.

He looked her up and down as she was in her birthday suit. "Eh... You too..." he said, a bit awkwardly.

The End

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