The fortunate sonMature

The helicopter cruised through the skies of the city of Chicago. Although air traffic was badly viewed since the 9/11 attacks, the VIP on board had enough influence to let things like these slide past the authorities.

The black and gold painted Osprey had been tasked to get their VIP from O’Hare to the man's lair, The newly erected Bubastis tower which had now claimed the title of second highest building in the city.

As the helicopter carried him, Bennett Bastis, most commonly known as Ben Bastis, read the files he had received while he had flown from the middle east back to the united states. Although his father was an American businessman, his mother was from Egypt, which explained his Arabic coloration and dark hair.

Although the log said he had visited Egypt, that was false, he had just used Egypt as a jumping point to his real destination; Congo. Conspiracy theorists spoke a lot about how deep his hands reached but what they didn't knew was that he liked doing things personally.

Not only did he finance militias, rebellions and uprisings, he armed and even personally aided them. Some thought he had corporate or egomaniacal reasons for doing so but in reality he had a crusade against an enemy so old mankind did not remember it's existence.

Once he landed, he walked down to his loft. It was not a joke when he claimed the tower was his lair as not only did he work there, but the top two floor had been arranged as a personal penthouse, which was as large as it was lavishly decorated.

Once he entered, a large and old woman come to him, embracing the young business man in her massive arm. "Benny! I'm glad you are safe!"

"And I'm glad to see you again Aunt Maria." He said smiling.

Although they didn't share any blood relationship, he considered the old woman who had been his nanny since he was a baby as part of his tiny family. Having never met his mother, Ben had been raised by that woman since his father was busy working for his son's future.

As the woman greeted him, his eyes ran across the room. Many would have called him out for his obsession with cats that he always had as his home was shared with a dozen of the lovely feelings.

Next to a black cat he had named Anpu, he spotted an intruder; A cat that did not belong to him was staring at him with the same bright green eyes he had. The intruder was as large as a lynx and nodded her head toward another room.

"Sorry for being rude, Maria, but I have to get ready, I have an interview in an hour." The man excused himself.

He broke off and left for his room, where the strange cat had vanished to. When he came in, he was not surprised to find a young and gorgeous woman on his bed. She was dressed exotically and wore extravagant jewelry.

"Good evening, Mother."

"Good evening Ben." She replied in a constantly sensual voice.

"You were right about the situation in Congo. The rising warlord was in league with the old ones." Ben said, removing his shirt shamelessly in front of his real mother to change into something else.

"I always am I right." She purred out.
"Do you have anything else for me? Or are you just dropping by for some news?"
"Things are quiet for the moment on the Pesedjet's side. But I needed to talk to you."
"About what?"

"I feel something is coming son. Be careful, something will happen soon. Keep your claws at the ready." She said it in a lower tone than usual.

Ben arched an eyebrow, his mother who was in reality Bastet, the Egyptian goddess, had a strong intuitions and sometimes could feel things before they happened. Something which he had inherited to a lesser degree.

"I'll take note of it." He said, slipping the Silver rose, his fetish pistol in it's holster and slipping a jacket over it. It was summer and quite hot but he could endure warm temperature better than most.

"I have to go." He said, leaving his mother as she vanished, going back to the overworld. He rode his personal elevator down to the underground garage and settled down in the Limo that was waiting for him.

"I wonder what she was talking about..." He muttered to himself. "She was worried about something..."

The End

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