Prologue; The coming stormMature

The end of days is growing closer. Since the new millennium dawned, the world has descended into chaos, trouble & tension brew up world wide
From the shadows, an organization known as the circle seeks to awaken the gods of old. Ancient malevolent alien beings that now slumber under the earth, seas & stars
It's up to a small group of men and women to stop them. Unbeknownst to the world, these new heroes are Scions; Children of gods that were born to defend the world from the circle's plans

The three disciples walked down the stairs under the old cathedral of Rome. Of the general populace, none knew the existence of these catacombs and secret lairs. For years, they had served their master faultlessly, bringing him closer to his goal.

It was an honor for them to have been called as they would no longer be pawns of the elusive organization known only as the circle to them.

With the first of the three men holding a torch, they arrived into a massive stone chamber that was much older than the religious building that had been constructed above it. Although they didn't know, the underground temple had been build before mankind had begun writing down it's history.

"Greetings acolytes." Came a voice they recognized but had never seen the owner.
From the shadows, a man clad in a black business suit emerged, his hair and beard were tailored perfectly and his golden eyes shone with mystery and ambition.

The novices kneeled at once before their master. "We salute you, O great Ahriman!" They chanted.

"Good. You may now rise and follow me." The master ordered.

They followed the man down to a smaller chamber that was lit not by fire or electricity but faintly glowing crystalline pillars that bathed the room in a low red light.

"Surely you understand that this is for you a great honor to join the circle once and for all?"

"Yes master!" They claimed.

Ahriman took a moment, carefully inspecting every prospect. The three men were all similar, rather tall, broad and most of all opportunistic. The circle valued cunningness, ambitions and Loyalty, in that order, over anything else.

These men had served well and so had been chosen for a "promotion." One of them twitched in place, something that would have gone unnoticed due to the baggy crimson velvet robe and hood they wore, but nothing escaped the eye of the circle's leader.

"I see you are... motivated." He commented, staring at the nervous man as he said that last word, looking right into the man's eyes with a gaze that could pierce souls.

He continued his way and the men followed him. The four soon arrived next to three stone tables where teenagers had been chained onto them, laying in catatonic states.

As this had drawn the apprentices' attention, they failed to notice the massive statue that depicted a creature that had come from beyond this world in the time before mankind had risen to civilized status.

Ahriman handed the three men old knives made from a material that was unknown to mankind, although it was somewhat metallic, it weighted next to nothing yet remained sharp and solid.

"Today, you will transcend this pitiful state of existence, you will become more than you ever could have." The master professed.

"What shall we do master?" A first acolyte questioned.

"You will partake in the black sacrament. These children have been prepared for this occasion. With their help, you will have your first taste of power." The suit clad man explained, taking delight in that particular emphasis.

"Their minds and bodies have been defiled, to prepare their soul to received the Ichor of the first one, the blood of the true gods. Within their heart, they carry what will elevate you."

"You mean we have to eat their heart?" The previously nervous apprentice claimed horrified. "They're children!"

"Did you not seek ascension acolyte?"

"I've never and never will kill a child!" He screamed.

"How disappointing..." Ahriman murmured.

Before anyone could react, the master hand his hand deep in the rebellious recruit's torso, ripping out the heart of the hit man who had decided not to follow him. With a simple snap of his finger, the body of that man burned to cinders in a matter of seconds.

"Is there any other complaints?" He asked casually, like nothing had just happened.
"None master." The two remaining apprentice answered.

"Good. You know what to do." Ahriman said, sitting down on a stone throne that laid on a small stone platform a feet above the sacrificial pit. Calmly, he watched the two murderers accomplish their dark deed and when they finished, he looked at them satisfied.

"Welcome brothers!" He exclaimed. "It is time I baptize you children; You will be Agares and Alastor."

The two newly baptized demons of the circle howled their approval, which resonated all through the caverns under the Cathedral. Although the sound did not reach outside, many sensitive men and women were prisoners of nightmares all through the city.

The End

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