Chapter Twenty-Three- The Other Nomads

“You passed,” A voice said, Winter blinked her eyes open. Didn’t she die? Fail the test? Like the others before her? She wanted to save Lily, and forgot about the test. She didn’t know of it was real, but she wanted it to be.

“Winter, wake up,” Summer shouted what was with it, and Winter being the last one to wake up, okay sometimes he was, but it was mostly Winter.

“I’m dead,” Winter muttered looking at cave roof, she wasn’t dead, was she?

“No Winter, you’re still here,” Autumn said, he was sure that she didn’t meant to say some of that out loud.

“I said it out loud didn’t I?” Winter asked as stood up, looking at the others, there were two people behind each friends.

“Why don’t we introduce ourselves, I’m sure that we don’t know most of you, as you don’t know most of us,” A red haired female said, she was one of the ones who tested Summer.

“I’m Spring Petunia, it’s nice to meet you,” Spring said walking to clear crystal ball, looking at it, there was four. It wasn’t a random argument, they were in a circle. One was a soft green, the one it it’s right was a bright red, next to that was a soft brown, then a dark blue.

“I’m Kelda Akina,“ The female on Spring’s right said, she had shoulder length blonde hair, with dark green eyes, her skin was the colour of bark. She was as tall as Summer, she wasn’t fat, but was near it, it was as if she never moved in her life, until a few months.  She would have been pretty, if she would smile and not frown, like she was at the moment.

“Welbourne Akina,” Her brother looked almost the same, the same coloured hair and eyes, but he was slim. He was also taller than Kelda, and looked kinder, because unlike his sister, he was smiling. The two walked up to Spring and stood in front of the globe.

“I’m Summer Meadow,” Summer copied Spring and stood in front of the bright red crystal ball.

“I’m Natsu Sommerset,” A red haired male said, he was almost Summer’s twin, beside the fact that he had bright red hair, calm blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Natsu’s built and height was the same as Summer’s.

“I’m Teresia Sommerset,” Teresia had bright red hair, and calming blue eyes. She was fit, and looked well-toned. Her skin was the same colour as Natsu’s and her hair went to her knees, but it was tied up in a ponytail. She and her brother went to stand in front of the crystal ball and Summer.

“Autumn Copper,” Autumn walked over to the soft brown crystal ball, looking at the two behind him. He knew their names, but the others didn’t.

“I’m Thu Kareef,” Thu had deep brown hair, with light orange eyes. He was a little taller than Winter, who was the shortest in her group. His skin was a little lighter than Welbourne and Kelda, but darker than Teresia and Natsu’s.

“Akiko Kareef,” Thu’s sister was slightly different than Thu, she had light brownish/reddish hair with light green eyes. She was as skinny as Spring, and had slightly pale skin. Akiko was very pretty and looked very shy. The two were soon in front of Autumn and gave him a kind smile, while they looked at the last group.

“I’m Winter Imani,” With that Winter walked to the dark blue light, she wanted to see what Soyala and Euell looked like.

“I’m Soyala Koleyn,” Soyala was very young looking, with white hair that went to her hip. Her eyes were a sapphire blue. She was as skinny as Winter, and many told her that she looked like, she was on rations. Her skin was paler than the snow, her face however was fairy-like, like most of the female nomads.

“Euell Koleyn,” He was slightly different than his sister, but the three of them, it looked like he didn’t get enough food. His hair was more silvery than white, and his eyes were a darker shade of blue, he was also slightly taller than Soyala, who was only slightly shorter than Akiko. The two copied the others and soon everyone was in front of someone.

“What now?” Spring asked she didn’t know what they had to do, but knew they had to do something. It seemed that the others were thinking the same thing, because they were looking at the Nomads in front of them.

“Put your hands on the crystal,” Akiko said as she put her hands, while her brother did the same thing. The other’s looked at each other, before following Akiko’s and Thu’s example. When Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn put their hands over the Nomads they disappeared, then they were was a bright light, while they blacked out.


When Winter opened her eyes, she was getting sick of blacking out. This was the second time without her consent, the other three where test set by someone. Looking at the others, it seemed that she was the first one up. She didn’t know what to do, everyone looked different, and in the middle of her palm was a circle of dark blue. Her skin was as pale as the snow, snow was covering her eyes, but when she tried to removed it, she saw that it was her hair!

Spring was the second one up, when looked at Winter to see how the girl looked like Soyala, in both colour and body shape, at least what she’d looked like if she was fourteen. Spring looked at her hand, and saw it was much darker, but the blonde was the same. She guessed that she had Kelda’s looks.

Autumn didn’t know what to think about it, looking at others, he knew without looking that he looked like Thu, it seemed when they touched the globe they combined. While they got to keep their physical appearance, their skin, eye and skin colour had changed to look like one of the Nomads.

“My head,” Summer said when he saw Winter awake; he knew that he was the last to wake up. He wished they was a mirror, but their wasn’t and he had to put up with it. He couldn’t help but laugh at the other’s appearances, but not so much when he saw his own.

“Now what?” Spring asked no one was here, they looked different. She didn’t know about the others, but she felt different. Putting some energy near the cliff wall and a vain come out of the ground, and flowers grew around it.

“What the?” Autumn said as he touched the plants, but the vain turned orange and it’s leafs fall to the ground. Summer didn’t know what was going up, but the snow was starting to melt, where he stood.

For Winter the snow just got more solid, great, she had control over the snow. Guess everyone was right, she’d never get away from it.

“Hello Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter,” A voice said, and when they turned around it was Luna, who looked different, but so did they!


The End

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