Chapter Twenty-Two- Soyala and Euell Koleyn


“Who’s there?” Winter said as she opened her eyes, she was back in the black void. This would make it the third time she’s been here? Not counting the times Alex and Rose wanted to talk to her, but this time she was on her guard more, Gaia almost killed her last time!

“Don’t worry Winter,” The kind voice said, “I won’t hurt you, my name is Soyala and my partner is Euell,”

“What do you want?” Winter wasn’t going to be tricked easily. Gaia almost did, because Spring trusted her, not because she herself did.

“We just want to know why you are here,” Euell said, Winter kept looking for them, but she couldn’t see anyone with her, at least Gaia had enough sense to show her face! She didn’t trust what she couldn’t see, but it was becoming less so, the more weird things that happened.

“I can’t see you, where are you,” Winter shouted, why aren’t they here. Where they trying to trick her.

“Sorry about my brother,” Soyala said


“It’s true, but we can’t show ourselves to you, not at the moment,” Soyala hated the fact that they were never able to talk to them face to face, but after the last one, what was his name? Wen or was it Wynter? It didn’t matter, the boy just wanted control over his tribe, nothing more. So Euell had to get rid of him, hopefully she didn’t need to get rid of Winter.

“I’m here… I don’t know,” Winter said her voice going soft at the end.

“What do you mean that you don’t know?” Euell asked usually they had an answer, but she looked like she didn’t know.

“Why did you come with your friends?” Soyala asked they might be a chance with this girl, after all.

“My sister drowned, and my father wanted me dead. Since I was already leaving, I might as well help my friends,” Winter didn’t come here for anything, she just wanted to make sure that Luna was going to be okay, but then she was worried about Spring, then Autumn and even if he hated her, Summer. They become her friends, her family.

“So you came to help your friends? Any other reason?” Euell asked he didn’t think she was hiding anything, and if she was he or Soyala would catch it, after all they don’t want to give their power to just anyone.

“I don’t know of any,” Winter didn’t really want to go, for any other reason, hiding from her father. If that was just the case, then she could have gone to another tribe, they’d find her hunting skills useful and that fact she hasn’t had a child, as well.

“She’s telling the truth Euell,” Soyala said her tone coloured with amusement.

“You pass the first part of the test, good luck with the seond,” Euell said, then the darkness started spinning and the scene change. Winter was worried, if it was anything like Leaf’s test, than she might have to face, a certain sister or parents of hers.


When Winter opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the river, the same river that Lily died on, the Seasonal River. The same trees on the bank stared at her, she could almost see the village, Winter wondered how long would it take for Hunter to come and kill her? Gaia didn’t kill her, nor did a dying wolf. Winter had a feeling that Hunter and Dylan would try harder.

“I’m sorry Winter,”

“Lily, what are you sorry for?” Winter didn’t see, why she was sorry, it only showed that Gaia was only using her sister’s form, and that was the reason Lily died.

“Gaia showed me what was going to happen,” Lily hated the fact that she trusted that woman, knowing that she was tricked, made it worse.

“Why did you go?”

“Because she told me that it was you or me,”

“She lied,” It was a statement, and Lily knew that her sister was stating a fact, in fact when she died. She became a ghost and followed her. When Winter was sleeping at River’s, she checked on her parents, only to find them, plotting ways to kill Winter, like they did with Alex and Rose, but they got to it first.

“Who are Alex and Rose?” Lily needed to now, if she was going to die, again, then she wanted to know who they were talking about.

“Alex and Rose are my older siblings, they passed away when I was two,” Winter hated thinking about the reason that they passed away.

“Two years before I was born?” Lily was glad that Rose and Alex got away from their parents, but was sad, that they had to die to do it.

“They were lovely, but Hunter an Dylan were mean to them,”

“Dylan? Hunter?” Lily was confused by the names, until she remembered that they were her parents names, Winter must have lost respect for them, if she’s calling them by their names.

“Our parents,” Winter didn’t like saying these two words, but she had to, if she wanted to explain what was going on with her and the others.

“Oh-” Lily was cut of my a large crack, Winter looked at Lily’s feet and saw a small crack. This time she wasn’t going to freeze, this time Lily wasn’t going to drown. Slowly walking towards her sister, the only thing on her mind, was to get Lily to the other side of the river, so she could go to the River tribe and away from their controlling parents.

“Winter, I’m scared,” Lily didn’t know why this was happening again, the only difference was the fact that Winter was closer than the last time.

When Winter heard another, louder crack. She didn’t care, she ran towards her sister, pushing her away from the crack ice, only to have it break under her feet.

“WINTER!” Lily cried as she saw her sister enter the cold ice, the sound of footsteps were heard, and Winter was holding onto a floating piece of ice, her lips turning from a light pink to a light blue, in seconds.

“Lily?” Dylan said her brown hair covering her face, as she looked at her youngest daughter, who she thought had died, but the smile was gone when she looked at Winter, who was turning even paler “Winter?”

“Mother,” Lily said she wasn’t going to stay with them, they wanted to kill Winter, so what was going to stop them from doing it to her “Father,”

Hunter ran to his face, when she heard her say his babies name, his brown eyes wide as they took in Lily and her appearance.

“Lily, why don’t you come here?”

“No,” Lily wasn’t happy that her father hadn’t seen Winter, who was slowly freezing to death. Then again, he never really cared for Winter, not since she was born, anyway.

“Why not?” Hunter didn’t know, why their daughter didn’t want to come to him, or to his wife. He didn’t look down, so he didn’t know about the cracking ice.

“The ice is breaking,” Lily said she couldn’t believe how stupid her father was “And Winter is dying,”

“So?” Hunter asked he would’ve got her himself, if it wasn’t for the cracking ice, but looking at it. He saw his oldest daughter holding on to a piece of ice, as her face turned blue. Even if he wanted to help, there was nothing he could do.

“Winter is dying and that’s all you say,” Lily didn’t like her father, if he was willing to let Winter die, because they thought she killed her, then she wanted nothing to do with them.

“Nothing we can do, even if we got her out. Then again, we’ll be putting our lives at risk, do you want your mummy and daddy to die, for your cold hearted big sister,” Dylan said her large brown eyes blinking innocently, but Lily knew she was anything but.

“L-Lily, j-ju-just le-lea-leave, th-they don-don’t ca-care,” Winter couldn’t believe that she couldn’t talk normally because of the cold.

“But Winter what about you?” Lily didn’t want her sister, to dye in her place, Winter was needed, she wasn’t.

“I-I’m d-dying L-Lily, p-please, le-let me g-go kn-knowing m-my si-sister is sa-safe,”

“Okay, Winter. Good bye Hunter Dylan,” With that Lily ran to meet Jared and tell him what happened, and what her parents said about Alex, something told her, that he wasn’t going to be very happy about it.

“Winter, why did you do that,” Dylan shouted looking at the dying girl “Don’t you care about the tribe at all, now they’re going to attack us!”

“Care more about my siblings, then about the stupid clan,” Winter didn’t care about the tribe, and they didn’t care about her.

“Why couldn’t you be more like Lily?” Hunter asked out of frustration, if only his children where the way, he want them! Then none of this would happen, because they would be perfect!  

“A-and w-w-what’s that,” Winter knew what they meant, but she wanted to see if he’d say it, and if they realise how stupid it sounded.

“Happy, not cold, like you are. Come on Winter, you were blessed with my good looks, you should have used it, but no. No one wanted to go out with you, because you’re colder than ice!” Dylan hated the fact that Winter had her looks, but acted like, like a boy. It was almost like Rose, but she had more of her father’s appearance.

“G-Go-Good b-b-bye, and o-one m-mo-more th-th-thin-thing, yo-you’re n-not m-m-m-my pa-parents, y-you’re ju-just a b-bu-bunch of l-low…” Winter wasn’t able to finish her sentence because the ice under her arms broke; leaving a Hunter and Dylan shocked on the surface.

The last thing Winter heard before everything went black, and the pain in her lungs stopped was Soyala and Euell.

“She past,” Soyala said to her brother.

“Yes, she’s past both test,” Euell agreed

And then she knew no more.

The End

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