Chapter Twenty-One- Nomads of Light

“Good bye,” Luna said, Jasmine went to look at the girl, but she wasn’t there, only a moon beam was left. So she left, Jasmine thought, she didn’t know what to feel about that girl, she let her friends feel guilt about her death and she never told them.

“My head,” Autumn said as he woke up, Gaia, he shot up looking for the black haired female, but all he saw where his friends sleeping forms and Jasmine, looking at a ray of light.

“Jasmine what’s wrong?” Autumn asked

“The moon,”

“Moon? What’s the moon?” Autumn didn’t know what she was talking about, but when he came out, he saw a ball in the sky, it wasn’t the sun, but Jasmine did call it the moon.

“It’s the large ball in the sky,” Jasmine said before the night didn’t have a light, but now did it. Thanks to Luna, who would guard the world, from the sky.


“Luna,” Was Jasmine’s response, after that Autumn didn’t ask any more questions. He didn’t want to, Luna’s death or Luna herself was a subject, which no one wanted to talk about, more some than others.

“Autumn what’s wrong?” Spring asked very one was up, and they wanted to get this done, before Gaia came back. Winter and Summer couldn’t fight; in fact Winter could barely walk in a straight line.

“Nothing’s wrong Spring, why don’t we continue?” Autumn didn’t want to tell Spring, if Luna was the cause of the moon, it would upset her. Luna was her sister, and Luna was the one who should tell the others, not Jasmine.

“The others are awake,”

“Let’s go then,”


“Jasmine, what are these paintings?” Spring asked looking at the paintings of golden wolves and what seemed like a horrible fight. Their enemy was a large black shadow and no one could see what it really looked like, but hundreds were dead.

At the start it was peaceful, and how the golden wolves lived, but it got worse, as the shadows seemed to come into play.

“My people, we used to live on another planet, before this one was created. We were the ones who built the sun, to keep our light away from those who wanted to destroy it,” Jasmine was a pup when it happened. Since they lived so long, they had a low birth rate, to stop them from over populating.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Winter said. She knew what it was like to lose the ones you love. First Alex, Rose and Lily, who treated her, like a person, and not a snow storm that killed. Luna, who was like the mother she never had, it’s hard to figure out emotions for someone else, until their gone or you think about it. Luna was her mother, even if she was only four years older than her.

“It’s okay, Winter,” Jasmine know what she was talking about, this girl has lost everyone who loved her, because of her parents and Gaia’s greed “We were the nomads of light, and it’s was what we control. Leaf, though he doesn’t know it, controls something as well,”

“What?” Summer asked he thought Leaf could do something, hang on. He was able to tell who they lost in the past, he didn’t know about Spring and Autumn, but he knew Winter didn’t tell everyone or anyone, if something had happened, or if she hated someone. He didn’t either, because it wasn’t their business.

“Does it hurt?” Winter asked as she saw the older boy in thought.

“No it doesn’t and does Leaf control time?” Summer growled at Winter while he asked Jasmine, it made sense, because no one knew if Spring hated anyone, or Autumn for that fact. He and Winter barely talked to people, so it was hard to hate someone, when you didn’t talk to them. Summer hated Winter’s parents, only because they never let him do anything. Always telling everyone that he was taking care of his family, when he didn’t have one! His mother died during child birth, and his father tried to kill Hunter, only to have Hunter kill him.

“We’re almost at the end,” Jasmine told them, she was surprised that they were able to guess Leaf’s power, Leaf knew what they were, but it took about fifty years for him to accept that he didn’t age. Then he was scared of his powers, because he kept seeing what would happen and what did happen, that he was no longer in the present.


Everyone was glad to be out of the tunnel, it was pretty, but the images were too much of a reminder to Jasmine, who was very young when it happened. The others didn’t like to see Jasmine upset, some of the images had dying nomads of light, turns out they weren’t all wolves. Some were human shaped, half were blind the others weren’t.

“What’s this?” Spring asked as they entered a clearing.

“Weird, I guess you were right Spring,” Winter muttered looking at the large clearing that was split into four. In the middle was something made out of metal, it was circle and was also spilt into four. Winter walked into the section with snow and strange yellow flowers, she didn’t know what they were, but they were pretty and on a few bushes.

“Not as crazy as very one thinks you are,” Summer walked into the section straight across from Winter, his had green grass, sand and tress with green leaves on them. He didn’t know why he walked to this area, but he felt the need to go to it. He was sure Winter was the same.

“Thanks Summer,” Spring said as she stood to Winter’s left, and Summer’s right. Her area had pretty flowers and plants, but the thing was it was colourful, not like what she’d seen her whole life. It was pretty and Spring didn’t want to leave.

“Of course Summer, she never was crazy, just different,” Autumn walked to the area that was opposite. His was like almost like Winter’s, beside the fact that the tress still had leaves, but they were brown and orange. It was like the world was going to sleep.

“Each one shows a different stage,” Jasmine said looking at the four “I’ll start with Summer, yours is like when someone is wide awake or in the middle of their life.”

“Cool,” Summer was happy that he listened to his instant, it was just the area, called to him and it suited his personality.

“Spring, you’re when they just wake up, or when someone is just born,” Jasmine looked at Spring and her area, the girl just smiled and spined around.

“And it’s colourful,” Spring shouted clapping her hands and a wide smile on her face.

“Autumn, you’re when their ready to go to sleep, or when someone is at an old age, and they accept what’s going to happen,” Jasmine knew the reaction for Winter’s was going to be the worse, why did the fourteen year old have to be that one, or well that’s life.

“Okay, but what about Winter. So far we’ve got Spring for new life, Summer for youth, and I’m old age, and Winter would be… Oh,” Autumn said looking at the young girl, she was hated, but now she was going to be even more so.

“Yes, Winter yours is when the world sleeps, or when someone passes away and waits to be reborn,” Jasmine closed her eyes, before looking at everyone reactions, Winter seemed just to accept it, but the others were just wide eyed.

“I guess I don’t have a choice,” Winter hated the fact that she was going to be blamed for everyone who passed away, but she didn’t have a chose and she wouldn’t let any of the others do it.

“We’re getting rid of the snow,” Summer shouted

“No, Summer, they will be snow, but only three out of twelve months of the year. For both the South and the North,” Jasmine told them what stages they were in sleep, so that maybe they would accept that Winter’s job was important as well.

“Summer what happens when someone skips sleep?” Winter asked, she hated what people thought of her ‘job’ and she had no idea why Jasmine was telling them that, but she wouldn’t stand here, letting Summer judge her.

“They go to sleep and never wake up,” Autumn said

“We don’t want the world doing that,” Winter told them, they didn’t.

“Fine, so now what?” Summer asked Jasmine who looked very amused. What was the next step, there was writing in the middle, Jasmine walked to the middle of the clearing and looked in-between Spring and Winter.

“To take the test, all four must be full. Stand on between the bar, only one. Good luck, hopefully you don’t fail,” Jasmine read, she hoped that they didn’t think too much about it. They would also meet a Nomad of Light. Human shaped of course, they were the ones who knew magic. There many types, but this one only had four; cold, warm, hot and chilly.

“Okay, let’s stand on it,” Spring said as she stood on her fourth of it.

“Of course, Spring,” Winter said as she copied her friend holding onto the metal bars, looking at the two boys. Spring and Winter knew that nothing will happen, unless Autumn and Summer went onto their fourth of the circle.  

“We don’t have a choice,” Autumn sighed walking straight and holding onto the bars.

“Whatever, don’t blame me when this goes wrong,” Summer shouted and copied the other three.

Each heard a different name before the blacked out.

Autumn “Thu,”

Summer “Natsu,”

Spring “Kelda,”

Winter “Soyala,” 

The ones who were sealed into the crystal, waiting to give their powers to these who would help the world.

The End

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