Chapter Twenty- Mystery's Closure

“I don’t know,” Jasmine wasn’t sure about the light, but they didn’t have a choice in the matter, Gaia might be coming any minutes. It takes her a while to plan something, Gaia had always wanted everything to be perfect, she just didn’t show it.

“Jasmine, where else could it be?” Autumn asked

“He has a point,” Summer felt a need to go over there, he didn’t like it. He didn’t know why, just that he needed to.

Winter didn’t say anything, nor did Spring. In fact, they were trying to find the source of the golden light. Winter saw a mountain, with a few caves. Each had a light going out of it, each light was a different colour, some they’ve never seen.

 The mountain was about 120 foot tall, with three levels of tunnels, five on each level and Winter thought that they might be more on the other side. Winter couldn’t see a lot of detail, because she was standing too far out, but the faint light was obvious and it wasn’t like the ice they were standing on, which meant it was most likely on land.

“Winter? Spring?” Autumn never seen the two girls, so quiet, he didn’t know if should let them come back themselves or snap them out of it.    

“I’m sorry Autumn, Summer and Jasmine,” Spring said as she realized that they were talking to her, but it seemed that Winter was still looking at the light. Spring had an idea, and she pushed the younger girl into the snow pile next to her.

“Spring did you need you do that?” Jasmine asked as she ran over to make sure that the pup was okay, and not hurt.

“I hate you,” Winter growled getting the snow from her coat, taking it off and shaking it free, she may be in a short sleeved dress, but it was better than leaving the snow in there, and getting out of the snow pile, might help, a bit.

“You know you love me,” Spring teased helping the young girl out of the snow pile.

“I don’t,”

“Girls, we need to get to the light,” Jasmine sighed as Spring acted like a child and Winter an annoyed elder.

“Yes, of course, Jasmine,” Winter said they needed to get to the light, and then they had to work out which tunnel was theirs.

“Sorry,” Spring didn’t know what they had to do next, Gaia never said. She told her very little and her eyes would turn darker when she did. That she needed to save the world, and stop it from becoming colder, and darker, but thinking about it, there was a strange light in her eyes.

“It’s fine, but we’ll need to go, before it turns completely dark,” The sun was now almost completely below the surface, the sky was lighting up in light shades of red, the only time they’d see the colour.

“Of course,” Summer didn’t know what was going between Winter and Spring, but he didn’t care. He never worried about Winter before, and he wasn’t going to start now.


The five stared at the large caves; they didn’t know which one to enter. Spring spotted writing on the wall, and went to look at it. Her grandmother would teach little ones how to read and write, some would continue it and others wouldn’t.

“Spring what are you doing?” Autumn asked looking at the blonde girl who was looking at the wall. She was strangely and rarely deep in thought, she wasn’t stupid. Spring was just someone who ‘acted first and thought about it later,’ in fact Summer was the same way. Autumn did it to a small degree. In fact the only person who ‘thought before they acted,’ more than he did was Winter, but she thought about everything. The only time she didn’t was when Luna died, which was fair, since she just lost someone else, in a small timeframe.

“There’s writing here,” Spring was trying to read it, but it didn’t make sense. She could read it fine and all, but she didn’t know the meaning behind it.

“What does it say?” Summer asked didn’t Spring think that they would be able to figure out what it meant, if they couldn’t, Jasmine might.


“Just do it,” Winter didn’t want to wait, the sun was gone and it was dark. She could barely see in front of her nose. The lights coming from the tunnels were the only reason she could see, if barely so.

“Follow the golden light, enter another tunnel and your end will be near. The golden light is safe. Get to the end, you’ll find the object that will end the dark and cold. Good luck, a test will see if you’re pure of heart. Not greed and force. But love and willingness,” Spring read, everyone was deep in thought about what the writing could mean.

“I think I got the first part,” Winter said she thought she did, but she might be wrong. Didn’t hurt to try and no one else had anything.

“Spit it out,” Summer said he didn’t know what it meant and Winter was playing with them.

“Follow the golden light, since each of the tunnels have a different coloured light, it means that we have to find the gold one. ‘enter another tunnel and your end will be near,’ I think it means that if we go down the wrong on, will die,’ Winter was sure that was what it meant, it was also the most she ever said, even the shocked expression of the others, besides Jasmine, but she hasn’t known her long.

“I get it, and that next bit shows that it’s true. ‘Golden light is safe,’ so well have to find the golden light, you don’t mind helping, Jasmine?” Autumn said looking at the golden wolf, so they had to look for the light that looked like Jasmine’s coat.

“Of course,” Jasmine didn’t mind helping, the faster the world had balance the better.

“Get to the end, you’ll find the object that will end dark and cold,” Autumn thought about what it meant “Oh, so when the tunnel ends the object, whatever it is, will put a stop on the world getting colder,”

“That makes sense,” Spring muttered she couldn’t work it out, read it yes, but she didn’t know what it meant, she really was stupid.

“Spring what do you think the next part means?” Autumn asked neither Winter nor himself knew, and Spring was better with people then Summer was.

“Good luck, I guess that someone thinks it’s hard, or people don’t listen to the first part and have died,” Spring thought about it, what did she think it meant “A test will see if you’re pure of heart. Like Leaf said, we have to be pure of heart. So this test must want to see if we are.”

“See Spring, you’re not dumb,” Winter said whoever told Spring she was stupid never really talked to her, Winter never thought she was dumb. Spring just acted it, she didn’t know why, but it was Spring problem and if she wanted to talk about it, she would listen.

“Not greed and force. But love and willingness,” Summer said he knew what it meant, his mother would talk about it, he sometimes wondered how she was.

“Summer?” Spring said she didn’t know what he was going to say, but they needed to listen, because he listened to them.

“Easy, we can’t be here, for our own gain and we should be here of our own will. That’s what both parts of it means, out of love and kindness.”

Jasmine was impressed, they were the fourth group to try and stop this. Each one trusted Gaia, and they failed. One group was able to make it here, but they wanted to make people pay. The only reason they did it, was because they tribe made them, and they wanted something from it.

“Okay, so let’s fine it,” Spring was worried so far, Gaia hasn’t shown up, but it was only a matter of time.

While Spring was in thought, the others were looking for the right light. According to Jasmine, the five on the top were purple, pink, orange, red, and green. The second level was brown, yellow, blue, black, and grey. While the third level had white, crimson, gold, silver and violet.

“So the third tunnel on the bottom,” Spring said walking over to the golden light.

“What are we waiting for?” Summer said as he followed the blonde into the light, when the two were inside a black haired female came behind them, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Winter, Autumn get inside,” Jasmine ordered Gaia was here and it wouldn’t end well. Before Winter and Autumn could move Gaia throw something at their heads, knocking them out. Spring and Summer ran out to help them, as they landed.

Jasmine was sick of Gaia, and so she ran to attack. Spring and Summer got them to the cave. Watching as Jasmine was getting hurt; she already was bleeding from the shoulder. The light was able to keep Gaia out, but it didn’t stop her from throwing something at Spring’s and Summer’s heads.

“Gaia, why must you do this?” Jasmine asked as the Gaia was holding her broken arm, after she knocked out Spring and Summer, Jasmine bit her arm hard enough to break it.

“I want this world to go, so we can restart,” Gaia laughed she loved it when she fouled them, this would have been over, but the last group that had the birth mark, but she tricked all of them and they died.

“Hello Gaia,” A voice said and when Jasmine looked at where the voice was coming from, she froze. Luna looked different, her hair was still sliver, but her eyes were a dark grey. The girl’s skin was as white as the snow, but had a slivery tone to it.

“Luna? I thought I got rid of you,” Gaia snarled trying to move, but she couldn’t. Looking around her, a beam was covering her.

“You can’t move, my moon beam has you trapped,” Luna said she was going to seal Gaia away, so her friend would have more time to learn about their powers and stop her.


“Good bye Gaia, I’ll see you, whenever your let out,” With that Gaia screamed at the top of her lungs, as she disappeared into the ground.

“Luna,” Jasmine didn’t know why she was here, looking at the new moon spirit, at least that was what she thought she was, but Luna did say ‘Moon beam.’

“Thank for looking after my friends,”

“So you know,”

“That Winter likes me, yes, but I see her as my child. Nothing more, she’ll find someone,” Luna knew what Winter felt, but Luna didn’t take it serious, because she was the only one who treated the small girl with kindness.

“Are you going to stay?”

“No, I have to go back, but I’ll be back and with a plan,”

“Of course,”  

The End

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