Chapter Nineteen- Lights Source

Winter hated the fact that things didn’t change. It was white, they might see some of the thick ice that they were walking on, but the snow was so thick that they didn’t have a hard time walking on it. Jasmine decided to stay with them, since Gaia knew that they didn’t trust her, they would try to kill them, like she tried to kill Winter.

“What are things like in your village?” Jasmine was curled around Winter’s neck, since she was the youngest Jasmine felt the need to project her.

“What do you want to know?” Winter didn’t know what to talk about, there was moving out, hunting, making clothes, but Winter didn’t really talk to people.

“How do you leave your parents’ house?”

“Adult houses are made out of wood, since they’re better at keeping warmth in, and out cold out. When someone wants to move out, they build an igloo near their parents place,”

“Why do adults get wood and their pups snow?” Jasmine didn’t see the point of having two different types of housing, it shouldn’t matter about age, if humans wanted to survive they needed to stop putting their pups at risk.

“Since most people don’t live until their sixteenth birthday, they don’t see the point,” Winter knew how many people died. Since she her birth about fifty-four people under the age of eighteen died, and only about sixteen over the age of thirty had died in that time. It was one of the reasons people wanted to have children young, and three had no parents, so someone would let them stay in their home.

“What age do you become an adult?”

“Seventeen, but you don’t get a wooden house, until your twenty-one,”  

“Winter, Jasmine what are you talking about?” Spring asked walking to her side, she was too nervous to sleep. Spring didn’t know what Gaia would do, but she saw what she done to Luna and Winter.


“Winter did you tell her about the marriage laws?”

“She didn’t ask,” The truth was Winter didn’t know about them, since Dylan always told her, no one would want her, because she was so cold.

“There are a few, but most are in males favour,” Spring hated the rules for marriage. Some tribes were better than others, but theirs were the worse, since death rates were so high, each person needed to have a least one child, each.

“What are they?” Jasmine didn’t know about them, with her kind, if you were mates that was it, but to become mates you had to love each other.  

“The one I hate the most, is the rapist and his vitamin,” Spring didn’t know why people allowed, she didn’t know how to put it into, so she thought for a minute “When a guy rapes a girl, she has to marry him, since she’s no longer a Virgin. If you marry someone and you aren’t a virgin, than in some villages they kill you.”

“You humans are weird,”

“You can get married from thirteen, I’m sure that Dylan would have tried it, if I didn’t move out, when I was ten,” Winter was glad, sometimes Lily would stay with her, but most the time their ‘parents’ would try and keep them apart.

“Adults are even weirder,” Spring couldn’t help but say that, from what she can remember from her  mother and father, she was six when they disappeared.

“Spring, what are we looking for?” Autumn asked. He and Summer were talking about it and they didn’t know what they were looking for.

“I know where looking for something round,” Was Spring’s reply, now that she thought about Gaia never told her, what they were looking for, only that they’ll know when they see it.

“So you don’t know,” Summer couldn’t believe this girl! This whole time, they could have passed it, and they couldn’t have known, then again Gaia wouldn’t be brothering them as much, if they already passed it.

“Gaia never told me, only told me that we’ll know it, when we see it,”

“So she was leading us into a trap?” Autumn was glad that they weren’t doing what Gaia told them, he had a feeling that she had a hand in Luna’s death, cuts or not, no one died that quickly.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Jasmine knew what Gaia would do, if it meant she could get her way. Jasmine met her when she was a child, and she was just as sly as she was back then.

“So did the light really cause the ice age?” Winter asked something didn’t add up, Jasmine said two hundred years, but according to River it’s been going on for about two thousand, not hundred.

“No, the light didn’t cause the ice age, the sun was too weak to melt the snow,” Jasmine thought one of them would have caught on to the years she told them, but she thought that it’d would have been Spring, since she listened to her grandmother, and Winter didn’t.

“Grandmother did say thousand, not hundred,”

“So why the two hundred?” Autumn didn’t know why she said the light landed here, about two hundred. The light must have made it worse, the sun might have warming causing the snow it melt.

“That’s when they light and about two years later, Gaia showed up,” Jasmine knew that Gaia used to be human, she was like Leaf, but something went wrong with her.

“Can you tell us what you know about Gaia,” Summer needed to know about her, if they were going to stop her. It helped to know the targeted, since most animals were the same, they would go with someone for their first hunt and just study their behaviour.

“Gaia was once part of the Light tribe, I didn’t know her, but Leaf did. He told us, that she used to kind and gentle. That she went out of her way to help those in need, but she changed when the light came,” Jasmine didn’t know why she changed. No one did, Leaf still believed that she was the same person, but everyone else knew she was gone.

“How are you guys different?” Winter wondered why they could talk, most wolves they find out can’t talk, well their tongue, but she was sure that they had their own.

“We were once part of the light, the world in lived in was dying and the next thing we know. We’re walking across hardened ice,” Jasmine didn’t know how they from their home planet to this one, but it happened when she and Lynx was pups, so they didn’t remember.

“Maybe whoever was fighting you guys came as well, Leaf got the good and Gaia got hit with a darker light, these turning her evil,” This was the only reason Autumn could think of, no one changed like that, well some did, but they were usually hiding it in the first place.

“Guys, there’s something ahead of us,” Winter said as she saw a light glow, the strange part was that she want to go to it. She needed to go to it. When the others looked, they fault the same need, so that’s what she meant by they’d know. Gaia thought, that she could have killed them, by now. Since they didn’t sleep much, Gaia didn’t have as many changes to get rid of them, after what happened when Winter was by herself, they didn’t want to risk it.

“Should we look?” Spring didn’t know if it was a trap.     

The End

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