Chapter Eighteen- The Truth

As Winter woke up all she saw was blonde and brown, her tired mind was able to see that it was Summer, and not the dark-black of Gaia’s hair. Why was she near Summer’s head? Oh right, Gaia wanted to kill her, because she could see through her little act.

“Summer, Winter’s awake,” Spring said looking into Winter’s brown eyes, her baby blue ones glowing with worry.

“So Winter what happened?” Autumn asked when Jasmine told them, that she couldn’t get through to her, they were worried.

“Saw Lily, fought with my parents, the usual,” Winter didn’t know, how she was going to tell them, but she knew that Leaf’s wolf friends will tell her when it’s safe to tell.

“Did you figure out anything about Alex and Rose, from them?” Spring knew that she didn’t want to talk about something, but she also knew that if it affected everyone than she’d tell them.

“There’s a reason Hunter hated Alex,” Winter was still pissed about that, remembering what Jared looked like, they would have been a cute couple, in fact Jared still clung to the believe that Alex would came back.

“Why did he? Also why did you call him ‘Hunter’ instead of ‘father’?” Autumn asked he didn’t understand the change.

“Alex was gay, and Jared liked him. Hunter had a problem with it, that’s why I won’t call him ‘father’ anymore, he lost my respect,” Winter loved her brother and wished he didn’t die, but things happen and you can’t change, or can you?

“Anything else?” Summer didn’t know what was wrong with liking guys, or girls liking girls, as long as their happy enough to have kids. He didn’t care.

“Dylan was jealous of Rose,”

“Why was Dylan jealous of Rose and your mother also lost your respect?” Spring didn’t know, how both of her parents lost her respect, since Luna told her, that Winter’s parents didn’t treated her kindly, now they lost her respect.

“She didn’t say it, but Rose was prettier than her, and Dylan is vein. She thought she was the prettiest in the village, that’s why Hunter liked her,” Winter hated Hunter’s reason for having children with Dylan, but then again they had the same views.   

“That’s vein,” Summer and Autumn said, they didn’t care about looks. In fact they cared more about how their future wife, was going to treat them, not how they looked!

“Winter, I think you should go back to sleep,” Jasmine said as she walked alongside them with her pup and mate.

“Will you tell me, when I can tell them?” Winter asked she hated the fact she was still tired.

“Of course,”  Jasmine couldn’t do anything else, but the others still had to trust Gaia or else they were going to be in trouble. Spring was already losing her trust, same with Summer and Autumn. If they completely lost their trust, they wouldn’t be able to sleep, not without one of them close by.


When Winter woke up, again, it looked like the others were having a rest. Autumn had to carry his and Summer’s bag, while Spring had to carry her and Winter’s. Summer was carrying her, Winter didn’t know how much she weighted.

“Don’t worry mama said it’s safe,” Barley said his head on her stomach looking at her with slivery-grey eyes

“I’m guessing she’s asleep,” Winter didn’t know where Jasmine and Lynx was, but spotted them at the corners of the ice cave.

“No, she’s making it safe to talk,”

“I thought she was tired,” First she had to safe Winter from Gaia and her parents, then she puts up a shield to keep them safe from Gaia. She was going to be one tired wolf.

“Winter?” Spring looked over to the girl, surprised that she was awake, but she was glad at the same time.

“What did Gaia tell you?” Winter was curious about what Gaia told Spring, to not make the girl question her.

“That we were going to save the world,” Spring could remember not believing her the first time, but then her grandmother told her that it was true, then she never questioned the dark haired woman, because she trusted her grandmother.

“She did ever say that she wanted you to save the world?”


“I hate breaking it to you, Spring, but she wants to kill us,” Winter didn’t want to see the look on Spring’s face, she was always talking about Gaia, and now she told her, that she wanted them dead. What would that do to her?

“She does? I can believe that,” Spring said surprising Winter, and the two males.

“What do you mean?” Autumn asked, Spring always thought Gaia was doing the right thing, and then she believes that Gaia wanted them dead? He’ll never get her.

“Think about it, she got rid of our family, the ones we loved most. For what?” Spring remembered what Leaf told them, to stay ‘true of heart,’ when she saw Winter upset about Luna’s death, that’s when she figured out, what he meant.

“She was trying to weaken us with guilt, that wolf didn’t come from nowhere,” Winter couldn’t believe that she was willing to go this far, just to get rid of them, then again. She was trying to kill the planet.

“She wanted to kill Winter, so why not kill the one she saw as a sister?” Autumn asked.

Through he didn’t know that Winter loved Luna, but she knew that Luna only saw her as a sister, and she’ll get over it. Heart ache was painful, but she wanted to Luna happy.

“So she was the reason my step-mother and father died,” At least Autumn could stop blaming himself for their deaths, because it was Gaia’s fault.

“Luna, and our parents,” Spring never knew what happened to Luna’s mother, until her father told her. For the first test, she saw her mother and father. This one, she saw Luna’s mother, she didn’t know that she disliked the woman, because Luna didn’t talk to her.

“Alex, Rose and Lily,” Winter kept losing her siblings. Rose and Alex may have wanted to kill themselves, but Gaia was the one who did the finishing blow.   

“My adoptive sibling,” Summer remembered his sister, she was always so happy. Ash never cried when something bad happened, she just up and tried again.

“What are we going to do with her?” Barley asked his parents.

“We’ll need to think about that,” Lynx said he didn’t know how they were going to get rid of her, but they were or they were going to weaken her, so they could think of a plan.

“We’ll find a way, we always do,”

The End

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