Chapter Seventeen- Parents Rejection

“I don’t care, you won’t win,” Gaia shouted

“Good luck with that,” Winter said, it seemed she hi-jacked the wolves test for her own goals. She was sure, that the others didn’t have to deal with it, then again she never trusted Gaia.


“You can’t trick me,”

“Well see,” Gaia shouted as everything went black and Winter was by herself. She didn’t know what Gaia had planned, but it wouldn’t be good. How did Spring and Luna fall for her, and why did everyone trust her?


Winter didn’t know why Gaia was taking her sweet time, but the only thing that she could think of was. It didn’t matter, because if it is what she thinks it is, she’ll be fine. Winter never really liked them anyway.

“Hello Mother, Father,”

“Winter,” Hunter said walking a few feet away from his daughter. He didn’t know, if she was his daughter, she let Lily die. Lily would have been the one, who saved the tribe.

“It seems Gaia has spoken to you,”

“Yes, and you knew,” Dylan said if she knew, why didn’t Winter save Lily? Lily was a ball of sunshine and helped everyone get through the day, Winter just reminded everyone of the harsh truth.

“So did she,” Winter wasn’t going to be told that it was her fault, not again anyway.

“Who?” Dylan asked Gaia didn’t tell her of anyone else knowing, all she told her, was that Winter wanted Lily to die, because she was jealous. Dylan always knew she was, but didn’t think she’d act on it.

“Spring and Lily,”

“If Lily knew she wouldn’t have gone to the river,” Hunter shouted his daughter was smarter than that, both of them were.

“Stop lying, you were always so cold,” Dylan couldn’t think of a time that Winter had lied about Lily, but she had lied about herself.

“At least I didn’t cause Alex and Rose to kill themselves,” Winter didn’t care if her mother thought she was lying, but she couldn’t stand for it, and they had pushed her too far.

“Alex and Rose? How did they get into this conversation,” Hunter couldn’t believe that Winter brought up his girly-son and stone-daughter, they were dead and Winter shouldn’t know who they are.

“Everything, if say I killed Lily, you killed Alex and Rose,”

“They should of-”

“Should have been what!” Winter shouted stopping Dylan from saying what she wanted to say “That they should have been ‘perfect,’ that Rose should have been happy all the time,”

“The twins were a failure, you were a failure, but Lily wasn’t,” Dylan didn’t believe it, how would Winter know, she was about two when it happened. Thinking about it, Winter got colder after they dead, and no matter what she tried, she didn’t change.

“Sorry, if I wasn’t happy,”

“Tell me what do you have to be upset about?” Hunter didn’t see anything wrong with her life, so they asked her to smile and be cheerful, so what? Their village needed it.

“Let’s see, my siblings died because of your actions, what did you think that they’d work on me, or where you hoping I’d kill myself as well?” Winter hated them; she remembered what happened to Alex and Rose, since she was there when it happened. Rose and Alex didn’t want her to go through what they want through. So they tried killing her as well, she understood why they did it, and sometimes she wished it worked.   

“Don’t speak to your father like that,”

“Or what? You want me to smile and laugh it off, get through your thick head, I’m not Lily, and I’m not going to marry someone from the River tribe, for your comfort,”

“What ab-”

“Don’t say ‘what about the tribe,’ the River tribe left as alone, so you know that’s rubbish,” Winter hated the fact, that they lied to Lily, telling her that she was going to save the tribe, from what? Tribes left each other alone, they just want to survive. They only attacked another tribe, when they were defending their kill!

“You know nothing,”

“No, I know more than you think I do,” Winter growled, she had enough of this! Her parents just wanted more land, and were hoping she, Rose or Lily, would get it for them.

“Stop being so cold!” Hunter shouted, his daughter was worse than the snow, no wonder the River’s tribes son, didn’t want her!

“I’ll stop being cold, the day you stop calling Alex a girl!”

“Your brother’s girly, and should have no respect,”

“Can’t help the way he looked,” Winter remember what Jared said about her brother, that he was perfect, both serious and happy. The River tribe didn’t care if you were gay, if you were than you were. Jared’s dad, Ayden, just told him, that he had to get a woman pregnant once, then he could have Alex, but sadly he died before it could happen.

“Stop defending him,” Hunter growled

“I’m not going to stop, he’s my brother and that’s all that matters,” Winter also didn’t care if Alex liked boys instead of girls; he was his own person, and Winter herself, only cared about personality. While she never told anyone, she loved Luna and that’s why she was sad that Luna died.

“We’re your parents, and he was a disgrace against humanity,” Dylan hated that fact, that her son wouldn’t give her grandchildren, Rose might of, but she didn’t seem interested in anyone.

“You hated him, because he liked boys? How sad, didn’t you know Jared liked boys, and he feel in love with Alex?” Winter didn’t want to be related to these two.

“You’re lying!” Dylan shouted

“It was nice ‘talking’ with you, also once Jared finds out about how Alex died, you better hide, because his older brother won’t have much mercy on you,” Winter could feel Jasmine, taking control of their test and soon enough, Dylan and Hunter were no longer there.


“Jasmine,” Winter called she’s been waiting for, she doesn’t know who long, but it was enough!

“Sorry about that Winter,” Winter looked as the golden wolf walked up next to her.

“Its fine Jasmine, but what happened?”

“We don’t know, one minute we were going to do the test, which was how well you could forgive your enemies, but we couldn’t reach you,” Jasmine didn’t like the fact that it happened and wanted to avoid it happening again.


“Of course, Leaf never trusted her,”

“Care to explain?”

“Of course, after what happened. I owe you that much, but I can only give you a quick over view, I promise to tell you the whole thing, someday,” Jasmine said as she thought about the day that a ray of light landed on this land. Sadly they didn’t have the time for it.

“Thank you,”

“It was two hundred years ago, a bright light landed on this land. Causing what you saw at the Light Village, Leaf was able to survive out of luck, because the other fifty villagers died,”

“So that’s why River knows, because she’s Ninety-six. So her great-grandparents must have told her, but why don’t other people remember?”

“You guys die young, you’re lucky to make it to sixteen. Many just didn’t want to talk about it,” Jasmine said as she tried to remember what happened next “Gaia came with the light, and we have a feeling that it’s her that keeps this world frozen,”   

 “Then why did she send Spring?” Winter didn’t see the point of it.

“To kill you, she saw something that scared her, so she wanted you guys dead,” Jasmine didn’t know why she targeted Winter the most, and not Summer, Spring or Autumn, who trust her… that’s it Winter doesn’t trust her, the young girl saw through her act. If Winter lived than Gaia’s plan would be at risk!

“So she wanted us to trust her, so she could kill us. The other’s fall for it,”

“It’s time to go,”

“See you in the real world,” Winter said as everything started to fade.

The End

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