Chapter Sixteen- Sibling Fear

“I need you to sit and look into my eyes,”

Everyone looked at Lynx like he grow another head, not Jasmine or Barley they were just to his ways. Summer didn’t like being ordered around, but he knew that they had to do this quickly and there was no point in fighting a blind wolf.

Spring didn’t want to sit in the snow, they’d just Luna, and now they had to see lost love ones? Can’t Gaia just give her a break for once? She looked up at Autumn to see, what he would do, it really didn’t surprise her, when he pulled his mat out of his bag, and sat on it.

Winter didn’t see the point of arguing, the sooner they got this done the better “We’re ready,” She said, waiting for Summer and Spring to sit down, like she and Autumn were.

“Fine,” Summer copied the others, sitting on his mat. Spring didn’t say anything, and just sat down. She hated having people, tell her what to do, but if it meant saving the world, then she’d do it.

“Good,” Lynx said his light grey eyes, going darker and soon they were back in the black void, waiting to see, who they were going to face.


Winter was starting to like the quiet darkness, where she didn’t have to worry about what people thought of her. The peace that was brought with the darkness, Winter loved. Where she wasn’t yelled at, she wasn’t told again and again, to be happy, because it would help the tribe.

“So Winter, it seems that the other two aren’t here,” Lily said as she walked to her older sister, she didn’t know who the other’s where. It didn’t matter, if Winter knew them.

“Lily,” Winter hated the fact that her peace was gone and she had to deal with Lily’s death, again. Wasn’t the first time enough? Someone really liked laughing at her.

“I’m dead and it should have been you,”

“I know,”

“What do you mean you know?” Lily shouted her angry wasn’t helping, but what did Winter mean, by she knew, why wasn’t she denying it?

“I should have listened to Spring, but I didn’t,”

“You mean you knew,” Lily had tears going down her checks, her sister knew and she never told her. Gaia said that she knew Winter, but she never talked about her. In fact Winter never talked about her dream… that’s it, she’d always had them, but she hid them.

“I did, it was a dream, but I didn’t want to believe it,”

“You should have listened to me, and to father,” Lily’s face was going a dark red; at first she didn’t believe Gaia, now she knew the truth.

“Why did you go to the river?” Winter wanted to know, why her sister did it, was she trying to die? She knew that mother and father, never wanted her to leave their sight.

“It’s your fault,”

“I asked a question,”

“It doesn’t matter,” Lily shouted “It’s your fault,”         

“What’s my fault?”

“Gaia won’t leave me alone,”

“Gaia? Gaia? Please, no, please your lying,” Winter didn’t want to believe it, Gaia hunted her dreams, and now she hunted her sisters, to the point that she would go to the river, just to get away from her.

“So you do know her,” Lily said, her short white dress was blowing to the side, it seemed that Lily had shortened her hair, from the middle of her back to her shoulders. Winter didn’t like the fact that her baby sister was getting as pale as her.


“SADLY, you never told me,” Lily hated it, when Winter got like this. Why did she see that she was getting paler, and Lily thought Winter was pale before, now she was almost the colour of ice.

“I told no one,”

“I’m your sister, no, I guess you never saw me like that,”

“Of course, I just didn’t know what to make of it,” Winter wasn’t lying, at first she didn’t know what was going on. Once she passed Gaia off, as something of her mind, she didn’t want to talk about it.

“Now, I can see why people called you ‘bitter’ and ‘cold,’ you’re really like the snow,”

“I’m nothing like the snow,” Why did people have to compare her to the snow, she wasn’t like it. The snow was deadly, no one knew what it hide, and she didn’t kill.

“Pretty to look at, but no one knows what’s underneath,” Lily sang, people always told her that she had a pretty voice, but always thought Winter had a prettier voice. Her older sister never sang for anyone, but her.

“Is this a joke?”

“No, it isn’t a joke; Gaia wanted me to die,”

“What does that got to do with me?” Winter didn’t know what she was talking about, she never let Gaia talk to her, she wasn’t real. First Spring, then Lily, what next Summer and Autumn seeing her?

“Because you never listened, that’s why Autumn’s family passed,”

“Oh, and Summer had to the same problem,” Winter didn’t believe it, so Gaia was real and she was killing people, for what? To stop the snow and ice?

“He lost his sister, his parents may have adopted her, but he loved her,”

“So Gaia, is just killing everyone we love?”

“I should have listen to mother and father, and avoided you,” Lily said her eyes going blank.

“You should of, I wouldn’t have cared,” Winter would have had Luna, but then again, she was gone.

“So Luna really is dead?”


“So you killed someone else, Gaia wants you to listen,” Lily knew that if her sister wasn’t as stubborn, she’d be alive, this still would have happened.

“I know, I wasn’t able to hit the wolf fast enough,” Winter wished she was better at shooting faster, that she didn’t freeze for that one second, Luna wouldn’t be dead.

“So you admit it,”

“But at the same time, it wasn’t my fault,” Luna shouldn’t have been there, that was a fact. Winter knew that if Luna hadn’t came back, she could have killed it, and no one would have died, but she came and payed the price. For her own, stupid action, the same with Luna if Gaia was peaking with her, then she should have known as well.

“How wasn’t it your fault,” Lily demanded she thought she had her, if she continued to feel guilty, she would have died. One more second, she and Winter would have changed. Winter would have been the one who drowned and she would have lived.

“She was the one, who came back to the fight, she knew that I had Summer with me, and would have been fine. She came back, knowing that she might have been killed,”

“It’s still you’re fault that I’m dead,”

“If Gaia showed it to you, then no it isn’t my fault,” Winter remembered Lily telling her that Gaia, didn’t leave her alone, because she didn’t listen to the crazy woman.

“Stop speaking in riddles,”

“It means, that you knew and you still went, that’s your fault, not mine,”

“It isn’t,” Lily was trying everything, she didn’t want to die, but it seemed that Winter was seeing through her traps.

“I’m going not going to fall for it Lily,”

“I thought you loved me?” Lily said she didn’t know what was going on, but it was going to be bad.

“Good thing, you’re not Lily,” Winter knew something was off, as Lily wasn’t on to keep repeating things, often getting bored, that and her skin wasn’t that pale.

“I am Lily,”

“Gaia, you’re not tricking me anymore,”

“You win this round, but you won’t win the next,” ‘Lily’ said before changing to the black haired female.

“Gaia, I hate you,”  

The End

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