Chapter Fifteen- Blind Wolves

Winter knew that she was being carried. It was also the first time it happened, since she was four, and then Lily was born. For the first two years, Winter didn’t like Lily; in fact she didn’t like the girl until she turned six.

“How are you Winter?” Spring noticed that the girl was waking up in her arms; she weighed more than she looked.

“Can I walk?”

“Of course,” Spring put Winter back on her feet. Summer and Autumn were at the front, in case someone decided to attack them.

“How long?”

“Not long,” Spring knew that Winter was going to ask that, no matter what it was, she always finished her chores, even if she hated them, thinking about it she added “Be careful of your cuts,”

“Of course Spring,”


It wasn’t long, before Summer stopped. The others didn’t want Winter in front, because even the smallest of cuts, could be fatal.

“Something’s coming,”

Before they could do anything, three golden wolves were in front of them. Spring was worried, the last one, according to Winter, was injured. Through Winter also told her, that injured animals were willing to take more risks, because they had less to lose.

“Don’t worry,” The front one said, the other two staying by its side.  

“Walking animals, are you sure the cuts aren’t affecting me?” Winter asked she never heard of an animal talking.

“Where are your cuts,” The small female said, her fur was a light gold and was half the size of the others. Her eyes were a lovely silver and they shinned with worry.

“My face and arms,” Winter didn’t know, what to think. That was until she really looked at her eyes, and saw that she was blind. So she must be one of Leaf’s.

“Come here,” She ordered, and Winter went over to the three small wolves, well she tried to, Summer gripped her by the arm, before she got close to them.

“Why should she? And who are you?” Spring didn’t know, who they were, but animals don’t talk, she never had to go hunting to figure that out.

“We’re Leaf’s friends, my name is Jasmine,” The small wolf said, “And this is Barley,” She pointed to the slightly bigger male that was next to her.

“I’m Lynx, the head of this pack, Jasmine just wants to heal your friend,” The biggest wolf said he was the alpha of his small group, that had about seven members. Leaf had about four other packs, in his village, they live in peace, until they touch what belonged to another pack.

“We just lost someone, and didn’t want to take the risk,” Autumn didn’t know, if they could trust them, but they were friends of Leaf’s and he was kind to them. So he’ll give them a chance, besides if she really did do anything to hurt Winter, they’ll have more furs, to keep them warm.

“Of course, he did say there was five,” Jasmine looked around the group, while wasn’t able to see, they could sense what was around them.  Since she acted like the girl’s mother, Winter couldn’t have been hurt.

“Summer, you can let go of my arm,” Winter said trying to pull her arm free. They didn’t want her die, did they? So why were they not letting Jasmine heal her injuries.

“We’ll keep an eye on you,” Summer growled letting go of Winter’s arm, it was a good way to see if they were lying.

“Okay sit down,” Jasmine couldn’t reach her if she was standing and she didn’t want to course more injuries.

“Okay,” Winter sat in front of the three wolves, she didn’t know what was going to happen and she was a little worried.

“Why are you here?” Summer asked if they were here about a day ago, Luna might still be here, but it was her fault, for not telling them that she was injured.

“Leaf felt something, so he had us check on you,” Lynx wouldn’t help, but roll his grey eyes. Humans were so strange. 

“Are you ready? Winter,” Jasmine couldn’t see the injury, she couldn’t see, so she had to use her nose, and she could smell blood, crime and herbs.

“Of course,”

The others watched as Jasmine put her head on Winter’s, a glowing light started to form on her wrist and face. When it stopped Winter looked at her wrist and there was nothing, not even a scar.

“Winter, I’m glad you’re okay, but what happened?” Spring couldn’t believe her eyes, usually there would be a scar, but nothing, not even a mark.

“Okay, now that Winter is going to be fine, why don’t you tell us, why you’re here,” Autumn thought it might have something to do, with the advice he gave ‘be true of heart,’ he still didn’t know, whatever that meant.

“Remember the test, Leaf gave you?” Barley asked his voice was a little higher than Lynx’s. In fact he sounded like a child, one who was about to hit adulthood.

“Of course,” Summer snapped he hated stupid questions, and that was the dumbest one he’d ever heard.

“We’ll be doing something similar,” Jasmine couldn’t help, but growl at Summer, nobody talked to her son like that, but she was here for a reason.

“While its similar, it’ll be slightly different,” Lynx said his mate was mad, stupid human boy. In fact, most of their kind was stupid.

“I see, the first time was too see if we could handle seeing passed loved ones,” Winter was thinking about what he said, similar, but different. The only thing she could think of was guilt or hate. Knowing her luck, it would be both.

“I see someone is smart,” Lynx said

“I just thought about what you said,”

“Do you know, what I mean?”

“I have an idea,” Winter said she didn’t want to tell the others, because they needed to think for themselves.

“Lynx, you can talk to Winter later, but for now. We need to give them the test,” Jasmine said, bringing her mate, back to the topic and what Leaf sent them out to do.

“I need you to sit and look into my eyes,”   

The End

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