Chapter Fourteen- Winter's Loss

“Don’t you recognise me, big sister?” Lily asked putting her hand over her heart. The only thing that gave it away was the big grin on her pale face, her eyes glowing with laughter.

“No I haven’t forgotten about you Lily,”

“Then why are you surprised?”

“Because I saw you die, Lily, the dead don’t just come back,” Winter said looking at what her sister was wearing. A short sleeved white dress, in this weather and that was all she was wearing?

“I’m dead,” Lily knew that she dead that night, the last thing she remembered was the ice cold water, and then she was above her body. Her parents crying over her, but her sister wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  

“How are you here?”

“I can answer that,” Rose said appearing behind Winter, when she looked to her left she saw Alex. The twins didn’t know who Lily was, and they didn’t know that she was their younger sister. Rose knew what she was, she thought she did.

“What am I then?” Lily looked at then two, the girl looked a lot like Winter, with long brown hair that went to the middle of their back, and they were the same height, but she looked older, a year older.  The boy was a perfect mix of her parents, he had the same features as their mother, his eyes and hair were their fathers, and in fact he looked a bit… girly.

“A ghost,” Alex didn’t what she was, but this was what he and Rose where, so it made sense that she would be the same thing.

“How is this any of your business,” Lily was only joking when she asked the question, she didn’t care what she was. Lily didn’t know who they were and it was getting on her nerves.

“I’m Rose Imani,”

“Alex Imani and we’re Winter’s older brother and sister,”

“I’m her sister,” Lily shouted, she never heard of them and her parents wouldn’t keep something from her, then again, they did try to keep her away from Winter. She should have listened to them, and then Winter would be where she was, that was what Gaia told her.

“They died two years before you were born,” Winter couldn’t believe the way Lily was acting, where was her cheerful sister?

“Let me guess, it’s your fault their dead,” Lily shouted. It was Winter’s fault and Gaia’s fault, even when she died she couldn’t get away from Gaia.

“She was two,” Alex said he didn’t care that she was only ten, no one, talked to his sister like that. It was bad enough that their father did it, causing Winter to close her emotions at a young age.

“Then what about me? It’s her fault that I’m dead,” It was Winter’s fault that she was dead, she couldn’t get to her fast enough, if only if had something and could’ve swapped their positions.

“How is it Winter’s fault?” Rose hissed she didn’t like this girl; no wonder father liked her and mother. The two were worse than this, and she could be perfect to lead the tribe, if only she had lived.

“She wasn’t able to get me away in time,”

“You’re the one, who want on that ice,” Alex growled she really was like their mother, the woman blamed everyone else, but herself.

“I’m sorry,” Winter said she couldn’t handle this at the moment, she just lost Luna. She didn’t need to be reminded that she also lost Lily, Rose and Alex. She must be curse.

“Sorry for what?” Lily asked she hated Winter, and didn’t want her to seem good, when she knew that Winter just wanted to kill everyone.

“It’s my fault,”

“You’re lying, you’re the reason Luna is dead, the reason I’m dead,” Luna shouted “The reason Rose and Alex are dead, the reason that your friends will be die,”

“Stop, please stop,” Winter covered her ears with her hands, she didn’t need this. She was the reason that everyone she loved died, so the only way for the others to live, was for her not to want to do anything with them, have no emotions, be like the snow. Keep everything hidden away.

“No, I won’t stop” Lily growled

“Brat,” Rose shouted

“GO AWAY!” Winter screamed at the top of her lungs, there wasn’t any snow to fall on her, so she was safe to scream, she just wanted everyone to go away.


“What was that?” Spring asked, it sounded like Winter. Before they left they packed Winter’s things, Autumn noticed that her bow and arrow weren’t there, so she took them with her.

“Sounded like Winter,” Autumn never heard Winter yell or scream, so he was guessing. It could have been an animal.

“Why don’t we look,” Summer suggested already walking in the direction the sound came from. Autumn made sure, he had a good hold of Winter’s and his bag, before falling him, with Spring close behind.

They find Winter, in large clearing. She was shouting at nothing and had a small cut on her face; her arms had a small cut, which was bleeding.

“Winter,” Spring said as she got the medication out of her bag. It was plants that would make sure that a person didn’t die, from a small cut.

“What do you want?” Winter demeaned why couldn’t they go away? Didn’t they know she was cursed?

“Winter you’re bleeding, slightly, but we don’t want it to freeze,”

“I don’t care,”

“What about Luna?” Autumn asked he knew that two were close, but he didn’t know if that would help.

“She’s dead,”

“Lily,” Summer tried

“Dead and she doesn’t care,” Winter knew she didn’t care, after all the Lily told her that herself, about a few seconds ago, before all three of them disappeared.

“Please Winter, we need you,” Spring was slowly walking towards her, hoping that they could stop Winter from hurting herself.

“Go away, you’ll just die,”

“No we won’t,” Summer growled why did she have to have such little faith in them?

“First Alex and Rose, then Lily and now Luna,” Winter shouted tears going down her face.

“And we’ll be safer you weren’t with us?” Autumn asked


“That’s stupid and you know it,” Summer growled they needed to keep Winter’s eyes on them, so she couldn’t see Spring walking up, from behind her.

“Got you,” Spring said pulling Winter into a hug.

“Let go of me,” Winter shouted as she tried to get out of Spring’s hold.

“Please calm down Winter,”

“No, I’m curse, leave me alone,”

“For all the snow,” Summer said walking up to the two, and gently hit the back of Winter’s neck, making the girl go to sleep.

“Summer,” Spring couldn’t believe that he did that, Winter wasn’t going to be happy once she woke up.

“Spring you can heal her injuries, before she dies, like Luna,” Summer didn’t want another death, as much as he disliked Luna and Winter, he didn’t want them to die.

“Of course, you didn’t have to knock her out,” Spring hated it, when Summer used violence as a way to deal with his problems, and soon, he was going to have to pay the price.

“I did, Spring,” Summer said, she didn’t know Winter, Luna knew her best, but he was the one who had to hunt with her, she was thick headed. The only reason she was alive, she never gave up, no matter the animal they were hunting.


“You’ll see,”

“You’re not making any sense,”

“Think Spring, Luna was pretending to be her mother,” Summer couldn’t believe how thick this girl was, it was like things went in one ear and went out the other.

“If we see anyone, I have to be her aunt,” Spring didn’t have the heart, to pretend to be her mother, not after Luna.

“That works,” Autumn said watching as Spring put the crime on Winter’s cuts. At least they didn’t have to worry about her. 

The End

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