Chapter Thirteen- Luna's Death

“Luna,” Winter was the first one up, she was worried and couldn’t sleep. Luna was hiding something, and Winter thought, that if the others didn’t hear about it, then she’d tell her.

She tried shaking the taller female, but when she got no response, she started to get worried. Walking over to Spring, the Petunia’s usually were the village healers, along with most females, since males mostly did the heavy work.


“Winter, what’s wrong?” Spring asked yawning as she woke up, she didn’t know why Winter was waking her, but she wouldn’t do it, without good reason.

“Luna’s not waking up,”

“She’s asleep,”

“Something’s wrong,”

“I’ll check,” Spring got up, Winter didn’t know much about healing, or about health, but Luna was funny, ever since she went back to get Winter and Summer. Walking over to where Luna was sleeping, she noticed something was off. Her chest wasn’t rising, and usually meant the person wasn’t breathing, if they weren’t breathing that means they passed.

“Spring what’s wrong?” Winter was worried, something made Spring freeze, before she could check Luna, without a word. Spring was pulling back Luna’s furs.

“Winter I need you to bring over my bag,”

“Of course,”

Spring didn’t know what occurred to make Luna strop breathing, but she didn’t have a good feeling about it. Winter silently gave Spring her bag, slowly taking a few steps back, letting her have her space.

Spring took out a small mirror, which she put near Luna’s mouth, when the glass only collected frost and nothing to show she was still breathing. Putting her hands on Luna’s neck, to see if there was a pulse, there wasn’t one.


“Yes Spring,”

“Luna is dead,” Spring didn’t know what to feel, something must have happened. She was mad that Luna didn’t tell her, her sister was dead. Tears went down Springs face, she looked at Winter, and the girl was standing still. It didn’t look like she was breathing.

When Winter’s face, started to turn purple, Spring knew that she was holding her breath, tears were in her eyes, and they slowly went down her check, this isn’t good. “Winter, breathe,” running over to the small girl, she hit her back forcing Winter to start breathing .

“She can’t be, NO!” Winter yelled, waking the others, who were still sleeping. Summer and Autumn didn’t know what was going on, but the scream sounded like someone was in emotional pain.

“Spring, what’s going on?” Summer asked throwing his furs away from his body. All he knew was Spring and Winter were crying, tears coming down there face, the last time Winter cried, was when Lily drowned.    

“Luna. She’s. Not. Here,” Spring said as tears continued down her face, wait, Luna wasn’t here, but she was sleeping.

“She…” Winter wouldn’t talk without tears coming down her face, she didn’t need emotions, but for some reason she couldn’t stop.

“She’s dead,” Spring shouted

“No need to shout,” Summer growled didn’t they remember what happened if you got to loud, Winter should know better, that was how her older siblings died.

“How did she pass?” Autumn asked he didn’t see anything wrong, but then again. Summer did say that the wolf pinned her down and that they couldn’t bring it with them, because it would just kill them.

As Summer, Autumn and Spring tried to find Luna’s injury, Winter just walked out of their resting place, her bow and arrows on her back. She didn’t want to see it, the wolf was the one who did it, he must have been in many fights, because the amount of fur and skin under his claws was huge.

Now Winter knew that the skin was Luna’s, she didn’t want to see it, because she had failed. She failed in protecting her family, her friends. First it was Luna’s older brother, and then her own siblings.

Spring needed to look at Luna’s leg, and her arms. Slightly pulling up her dress, she saw it. There were claw marks, as long as her middle finger, four on each leg. Spring was about to loss, the last thing she ate, because each one of them were green and white puff. Looking at Luna’s feet, she could see that they were starting to go black.

“Gross,” Autumn said this was something he never saw, and was glad. Why didn’t Luna tell them, they might have been able to help, but no she hid it, and now she wasn’t here.

“I need to look at her arms,” Spring said, taking off her coat, to see her short sleeve dress. Her arms weren’t as bad as her legs. Only her left arm had the four claw marks, but they seemed deeper, and there was blood around the wound. They needed to bury her, Spring didn’t want to think of animals eating her sister, but where could make her a grave.

“Where’s Winter?” Summer asked as he looked around the dome.  Autumn and Spring looked as well, but they didn’t see her.

“She must have went on a walk,” Autumn said

“Why?” Spring asked she didn’t talk to her, but everyone told her that Winter didn’t have emotions, but Luna kept telling her that she did.

“How much do we know about her?” Autumn only talked to her, on the rare times that he went hunting, Hunter seemed proud of her, but there was an underlining bitterness.

“I never talked to her, but Luna did,” Spring didn’t know why Winter left, but that was it! Luna was the only who was kind to the young girl. Her mother kept telling everyone how cold her daughter was, before telling them that Lily was the opposite. Many of the villagers didn’t talk to her, because they thought of her in the same way, while everyone loved Lily.

Lily was going to save their village, by letting them combined with the River tribe. Winter and Rose, were going to that, but then Gary, said that they were too cold and he wanted his sons to have someone happy. Or that he didn’t like their appearance, saying that Alex was prettier than Rose.

“I see,” Autumn whispered that’s why the two were able to act like a mother and child so well, because Winter already saw her as a family member. When everyone hated her, of course the only person who treated you kindly was going to be important. Showed how much he payed attention to, after all his parents, told him to stay away from her and he was pretty sure that it was the same with everyone else.

“She was the only one who cared,” Summer whispered “We better look for her,”


Winter didn’t know how long she was walking for. Long enough that she was starting to feel her feet. Everything looked the same, white and blue. Snow and Ice. Ground and Sky. Nothing changed, she could be walking in circles, the only things that sort of changed were the caves and domes made out of ice.    

“Hello Winter,”

Winter turned to the person who spoke, only to see a child, how did she know her name?

“Who are you?” She asked before she saw the familiar brown eyes.   

The End

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