Chapter Twelve- Secret Injury

Luna was starting to feel sick, and she was tired, but she didn’t want the others to know. Spring would more than likely forget why they were here and worry about her, the same with everyone else.

“Luna are you alright?” Winter asked, they were waking back to the others and Luna was acting weird, well strange for her family at least.

“I’m fine, Winter,” Luna said in truth she wanted to cut off her leg and bleed to death, because she thought that it would be less painful than this.

“Where are the others?” Summer asked, he didn’t know Luna as well as Winter did, but he saw that something was off. Luna must have seen his face, because she gently took Winter’s hand into her own gloved on.

“We were able to get a bit away, we’ll be there soon,” Luna said, she would have to go by herself so she could cough, but for now, she would just hold it in.

“Luna,” Winter said looking at the older female, she knew that Luna told her that she was fine, but something was wrong, she just didn’t know what.

“Don’t worry Winter; everything is going to be okay,”


“Luna!” Spring shouted as she spotted them, she always did that, but this time she was worried. After they got away from the wolf, Luna ran back. She wasn’t dumb, Winter and Summer have hunted before, but Luna was worried.

“Spring, Autumn,” Luna said as they reached the small ice clearing. The ice making a dome with half of its side missing, Spring and Autumn had made their sleeping mats and furs. They knew that Winter and Summer were going to be to tried to walk any further, but they didn’t think that Luna would do anything stupid, but they were proven wrong.

“Are we staying here, for a rest?” Summer asked while the fight with the wolf didn’t take a lot of energy, it was better safe than sorry.

“Of course,” Autumn said while he hadn’t hunted as much as Summer, he was the one who kept the villages buildings in repair.

“That’s good, because Summer and I need to go other some things with you,” Winter said as she helped Luna make her mat and fur.

“What are we talking about?” Spring asked she didn’t know, what they were talking about, but she prayed that nothing happened to Luna.

“Hunting,” Summer said everyone was sitting; he needed to tell them some things, if they didn’t want this to happen, again.

“Your jobs were different to Summers and mine.” Winter said, trying to put this in words that wouldn’t upset them, but she knew there weren’t any “There are rules to keep you safe, hunting is no different.”

“What Luna did was dangerous and could have ended badly,” Summer explained.

“Sorry about that,” Luna said she could no longer feel her leg and her arm was getting just as bad. Thankfully they weren’t going to walk.

“Okay, firstly, until you know how to hunt, leave the hunting to Summer and I,” Winter said, it was a fair rule and the others nodded “And that means no running in and shouting.”

“Secondly, if you can’t get away, try throwing stones and any other object, but that’s only if you can’t get away,” Summer said, Winter pretty much explained it all, if they weren’t there, than they didn’t have to worry about protecting them.

“So, if we can help it, don’t be there,” Autumn said, it was only fair they had the most experience in that field “But you have to leave building to me,”

“And making clothes and fixing the furs to me,” Spring said “As well as any injures, Luna and I can take care of it,”

“May that never happen,” Luna joked she was already injured, but Spring said her name, so she didn’t have to tell anyone.

“And if it does, we’ll try and get it healed,” Spring said looking at Luna, she was hiding something. Spring knew that Luna would tell them if something was really wrong, but she couldn’t help, but worry.

“How about we go to sleep,” Autumn suggested, without another word everyone lead down in their furs and fall asleep, everyone, but Luna. Who started coughing.


Luna knew that she was going to die, nothing she or Spring could have done, would stop it. The wound was open for too long, she knew that if she told Winter or Summer, they could have ran here, and maybe there would have been a change.

“Luna,” A voice said, and Luna knew who it was. She didn’t want to talk to her, she was the cause to Winter’s pain, the reason Lily was on the river.

“What do you want?” Luna asked as the women came into view. Her short black hair, made her round face, look rounder. She looked to be in her early twenties, but Luna didn’t know if that was true. She was tall and thin, she was so thin, that Luna thought something would have been missing. Her skin however was a strange brown colour, it matched the tree’s bark, but everyone was pale or a light brown, not where near as dark.

“Luna, it’s time for you purpose,” She said putting her arm forward.

“And what’s that, Gaia?”

“You weren’t meant to stay on the ground,” Gaia said her arm going back to her side and behind her. She had her right arm holding onto her left. Gaia knew that was going to have to explain what was going on. She had to wait for the other’s to go to sleep.

“Where else would I go?” Luna shouted she didn’t want to wake the others, but this woman wasn’t making any sense.

“The sky,”

“The sky, how can I go to the sky?”

“Don’t worry about waking up your friends, time has stopped, so I could talk to you,” Gaia said, her large green eyes looking into hers.

“You’re crazy, I thought my grandmother was crazy, but you take the meat,” Luna shouted, she thought her family was crazy, the sky how was meant to go to the sky.

“You’ll see,” Gaia said, she didn’t have much time.

“But Winter,”

“Winter will be fine, but you have to trust me,” Gaia said the girl was sick and couldn’t think straight.


“Good, now go to your furs and go to sleep,” Gaia said, Luna did just that. Closing her eyes, she knew no more. Her chest stopped moving.

Luna Petunia had passed away. 

The End

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