Chapter Ten- Sea of Snow

“Hey Winter, Luna,” Spring shouted as she spotted the two, she was the same height as Autumn and he was the second tallest after Summer.

“What took so long,” Summer demanded it didn’t take so long with them, why did it take so long with them? He thought that someone had attacked them and here they are, without any injuries.

“My fault,” Winter said glaring at Summer, who backed away, for now. He didn’t know why it was her fault, but it wasn’t like Winter was going to tell them.

“We were going to start talking about the test,” Autumn said he could see a fight, those two, they’ll never get along.

“Did you see a family member?” Spring asked while her mother was scary she loved her.

“Yes,” Autumn said looking at everyone else, as they nodded their heads “Who?”

“I saw my mother, and Luna is Leaf coming?” Spring asked Luna.

“I saw my brother, and yes Spring, Leaf is coming,” Luna replied

“My brother,” Summer snapped


“Twins,” Winter simply said, not giving any more information.

“Are you ready to go?” Leaf asked walking down the side of the river, two small wolf’s by his side. When Winter looked closely at their eyes, the black that was present in them, was missing!

“Your wolf’s eyes don’t have the black thing,” Winter pointed out, she didn’t want to be rude, but she was worried about them.

“They can’t see,” Leaf explained petting the wolf’s head, “Everything else is better, so don’t worry about them,”

“What was the test about?” Autumn asked he didn’t see the point in it, he loved seeing his mother, but the wound was too fresh, her death was too soon.

“I wanted to see, how you reacted to loved ones, the ones who passed away,” Leaf said.

“Oh to see if we still love them?” Luna asked she was starting to see the point.

“Almost, to see if you still care,” Leaf told them, “Even if they’re passed, they’ll always live in your heart,”

“Thank you, Leaf, but my mother said, if I need her help, than I just have to ask,” Spring said she didn’t know what was going on, but the idea of being able to talk to her mother, meant everything to her.

“You should get a reward for passing a test,” Leaf said walking in front of the group “And being able to talk to loved ones, is a good one?”

“Thank you,” Winter said could she really talk to Rose and Alex, any time she wanted to? Or was it only when she was in trouble.

“No, Winter we can talk to you any time we want,” Rose said Winter looked around to see if anyone heard that, but they didn’t, so Rose was talking to her in her mind.

“Of course Winter, can’t talk to everyone can we?” Alex asked.

“No, no, of course not,” Winter thought.    

 “Thanks sis,” The twins said together.

“I’ll show you the area that was mostly affected,” Leaf said, leading them along the river.

“Is it the reason, people think it’s cursed?” Spring asked, she thinks that’s what the couple said.

“Yes, it is one of the reason,” Leaf said

“What’s the other one?” Winter asked, it seemed as they walked the snow got higher and higher, Winter could barely walk in it! Then again she was short, which didn’t help, the snow was already up to her hips, she may as well be in the freezing cold water.

“Winter are you alright?” Autumn asked notching the girl wasn’t behind them.

“Just peachy, just need stronger or longer legs,” 

“Silly Winter,” Autumn said, walking over to the girl “How about you stay on my back, the place well more than likely be ice, instead of a lot of snow,”

“Fine,” Winter muttered climbing onto Autumn’s back , she hated being like this. She didn’t want to relay on anyone, well but herself, she trusted her parents and look where that got her!


“This is it,” Leaf said as he showed them, what used to be a large body of water.

“Oh my,” Spring said as she looked at the snow landscape. It was wide and Spring couldn’t see ever far, because the snow fall down. Somehow it was only a few inches deep, so Winter should be able to walk through it, not the waist deep snow, from before, where she had to stay on Autumn’s or Summer’s back.

Summer may dislike the girl, but he didn’t want her died, just because she couldn’t walk through the deep snow, she was just a child and no one deserved to die that way.  

“You can say that again,” Luna muttered, the ground wasn’t earth, but ice, really thick ice. The clouds where dark and you couldn’t see the say no matter where you looked, they also came in the right moment, because the sun was going over the mountains.  Night would be coming soon, and they better pray, that they find this object, before time runs out.

“Rain used to be like this, so was a sand storm,” Leaf said, remembering being trapped in their home, as the sand blow across their village.

“Where the nights and days as long as they are now?” Luna asked

“No, it used to take one or two, I can’t remember, spins of the a clock that my mother made, to keep track of the sun,” Leaf said, remembering his mother’s kind brown eyes “But now, it’s takes about ninety or a hundred and eighty,”

“That’s a big difference, have you any ideas why?” Winter asked, she may as now, what she’s trying to being back, not by herself, but it would be nice to know.

“The world spin might be getting slower and slower,” Leaf said, if this is the case, it won’t be good, because it’ll just stop and everything on their world will die.

“And then it’ll stop,” Winter said.

“Winter! Must you say that so calmly,” Spring said she didn’t want to think about what would happen with the world stop.

“It’s what we’re going to stop,” Winter said “And there’s a reason they call me ‘Cold Winter,’ it wasn’t for the heck of it,”

“Why don’t you sleep for the bit, you’ll have a long journey a head of you,” Leaf said, walking in the cave, where they can sleep without the fear of being attacked, but he can’t go any further with them, but if anyone can stop the world from going, it’s them.

The End

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