Chapter Nine- Leaf's Test

“Okay, time to wake up,” Leaf shouted, Winter didn’t know what was going on, but she knew that voice, why wasn’t Lily waking her up… oh, she was dead.

“I’m up,” Luna said looking at the door, wondering why he woke them up, test “Guys the test,”

“What test?” Winter asked she must have fallen asleep when Leaf told them, hopeful someone would be kind enough to tell her what was going on.

“You’ll find out with the rest of us,” Summer snapped

Winter knew that she wasn’t going to get any answers, so she opened her eyes and got ready for the day, not she could stay in her furs, not that anyone would let her.

“Morning Winter,” Luna said everyone was up and dressed, well the never had to change. They were also looking at her, like they wanted her to do something.

“We’ve got to go,” Spring said walking out of the stone house, everyone, but Luna following them. Winter looked at the door, and then at Luna, wondering why she hadn’t left.

“Winter, what’s wrong?” Luna asked looking at the smaller girl, Leaf would understand I they were a little bit late, and he didn’t have to do all five of them at once.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Winter muttered getting out of her furs and putting them back into her bag, maybe Leaf would let them keep the mats, so they could sleep a little more on their journey.

“Winter why do you lie?”

“I just don’t want to talk about it,”

“Why not?” Luna tried again, if she ever saw Hunter again, she was going to hurt him, it was his fault that Winter didn’t trust anyone.

“It’s too fresh, too talk about,” Winter told her keeping her eyes on her bag, how was she going to make Luna let it go, at least for now? “Maybe later, when I speak without crying?”

“Of course, we need to find Leaf,”

“Where is he?”

“He said, he’ll be in the middle of the village,” Luna said holding Winter’s hand, out of habit. Winter wondered what the test was going to be and why they had to do it.


Winter and Luna walked through the broken village, it seemed whatever landed near here, caused a lot of damage. Some of the buildings were just stone rubbles, some wall and mostly floor showing. Did Leaf fix the one? He let them sleep in.

The middle of the village was a large yard, the trees were covered in snow, and some still had their leafs, they had to be old, because to Winter they reached the sky. Luckily they were just the border of the yard and not in the yard.

“Welcome Luna and Winter,” Leaf said the others were looking at them, then at Leaf “The other’s said that you might be late,”

“Sorry about that,” Winter said looking at her fur boots.

“It’s alright, Spring told me, that Luna wanted to talk to you,”

“I was worried about her,” Luna said, she really was, as time went on Winter would talk less and less, she also started to get colder in her answers.

“I see, you’re friends have passed the test,” Leaf said

“We’ll pack,” Autumn said stretching as he stood up, he hated that test, but he was glad that he passed, facing his mother wasn’t something he wanted to do.

“We’ll see you at the edge of the village,” Spring said running after Autumn who was going back to the building. It wasn’t that hard to find, since it was the only one, that wasn’t in rubble. She was a bit shaken up, her mother could be very scary when she wanted to be. 

“Don’t take too long,” Summer growled he didn’t have a lot of memories of his older brother, but he hoped that Ayden wasn’t really like that.

“Are you two ready?” Leaf asked as the other’s left and he couldn’t see them anymore.

“What’s this test?” Winter asked she was asleep when he told them about it, and she deserved to know, just as much as they did.

“He didn’t tell us, he only told us about the test,” Luna said sitting where she saw the others, this was where he must likely wanted them.

“Don’t worry, young one, just sit like your mother, and it’ll be over soon,” Leaf said, he only asked the question, when he knew Winter was asleep. He didn’t want to scare her, if someone did want her died, then it would be scary if this random person knew the truth.

“Okay,” Winter said sitting next to Luna. She had to trust the others; they didn’t try to stop him, from doing whatever he was going to do.      

“Look into my eyes,” Leaf said the two girls looked into his golden eyes; they were surprised when his eyes turned darker and all they saw was black.


When Winter opened her eyes, she was in a black void, everything was a midnight black and she didn’t know where she was.

“Winter,” A girl said, Winter turned around, while River was the elder, because she was about ninety-seven, her parents where about forty-four and her father was the leader of the tribe.

“Who are you?” Winter asked, there was a boy and girl, both had brown hair and matching eyes. The girl was shorter than the boy.

“I’m Rose, and this is Alex,” The girl said pointing to herself than to the boy, “And we’re your older siblings,” 

“But you passed away before I was born,” Winter said, what was the point of showing people you didn’t know, but then again, her father could of lied, he did about pretty much everything else.

“Winter, we passed away when you were two,” Alex said he couldn’t believe his father, would lie. Then again he never really liked his children; they had to be ‘perfect’ and he hated them, when they weren’t.

“What happened?” Winter asked how much was her father going to lie to her?

“It wasn’t an accident,” Rose told her. She didn’t know how they were going to tell Winter, that they killed themselves, just to get away from their father and their mother.

“Father said, that you yelled and snow fell on you,” Winter told them, wait did they yell on purpose? Were they trying to get away from someone? More than likely, they were trying to get away from their father.

“Father, wasn’t the nicest of people,” Alex told her, he hated that man. Alex had never had a lot of muscle and Hunter hated him for it. Hunter thought Alex looked like a girl and didn’t deserve to have respect.

“He hated you,”

“I was too ‘girly’ and didn’t have enough muscle,” Alex shrugged he got over it, having twelve years to do it, helped. 

“Mother didn’t like the fact, that I didn’t act like a girl,” Rose said, she hated that woman, just because she wasn’t happy all the time.

“She was same with me, until Lily was born,” Winter muttered

“Lily?” The twins asked

“Little sister, she was happy all the time,”

“What happened?” Rose asked

“She went to the frozen lake and drowned,” Winter crossed her arms over her chest, she wasn’t her parents daughter, at least she didn’t think so.

“And he blamed you?” Alex asked

“He wants me dead,”

“He was the one who made us kill ourselves,” Rose muttered

“Rose, I thought mother did?” Winter asked she never said anything about father having problems with her, only Alex did.

“I wasn’t happy all the time, so he called me cold,”

“He called me cold, colder than the snow,” Winter said looking at the two.

“He doesn’t know how to treat his children, does he?” Alex asked who Winter wasn’t sure.

“Lily was treated well,”

“Okay, one child out of four,” Rose said her family was messed up. She really didn’t know, who to blame.

“How old are you?” Winter asked

“Fifteen, you?” They said together


“We’re running out of time,” Rose said

“But don’t worry, we’ll always be with you,” Alex told her

“In my heart,” Winter finished, now she remembered them, slightly.

“If you need help, we’ll answer,” Rose told her, as she started to fade. Rose and Alex had to thank Leaf, now they could talk to their baby sister, when she needed help.

“We’ll you later, Winter,” Alex said, then they were gone and Winter was by herself in the black void.


When Winter came back, Luna was looking at her and so was Leaf. In fact, he looked worried, about what Winter was going to find out.

“What?” She asked

“That was the longest anyone’s been there,” Leaf told her; the others had done it faster than Winter.

“Sorry, I haven’t seen my older siblings since I was two,”

“That explains it,” Luna said, she didn’t remember Alex and Rose, but River told her, that they killed themselves.

“You better go to the others, and I’ll show you the area I think it landed,” Leaf said two of the small wolves at his side. They were grey, one was bigger, showing he was male and the other one was female.

“Of course,” Winter said, following Luna, thinking about what Alex and Rose told her “And thank you,”

“You’re welcome,” Leaf replied, watching as Winter started to follow Luna, to get their stuff and to get to their waiting friends.

“What’s wrong Winter?” Luna asked when the girl appeared at her side.


The End

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