Chapter Eight- An Old Man and Forgotten History

“I’ll ask you again, who are you?” The old man asked again.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t know that anyone lived here,” Spring said, hoping that they didn’t upset him. Spring hated it, when she broke a rule, one that didn’t have results she wanted.

“No, no one knows I live here, it’s been years since I saw someone,” the man said

“Sorry about that,”

“It’s okay, I’ve got my company,” he said, pointing to an animal at his side.

“What is it?” Winter asked looking at the strange animal; it almost looked like a wolf, just a lot smaller than the ones that lived near the village.

“A curious young child,” he said walking over to Winter, who hid behind Luna’s back, stupid people thinking she was younger than she was “Shy as well,”

“Sorry about my daughter,” Luna said after this was done, she wanted a child, of her own. Not because someone she saw as a sister, had to act like her child.

“It’s all right; I haven’t told you my name, haven’t I?” He asked looking at the five youngsters.


“Old age, it must be catching up with me, I’m Leaf,” The newly named Leaf said.


“Real names, not the ones you told that married couple,” Leaf said.

“How?” Luna asked she didn’t know how he knew.

“One of my guards saw, will heard, you,”

“Of course, I’m Luna, but you can’t tell anyone,” Luna said hoping that he would agree.

“Running from someone?” Leaf asked

“Someone wants to kill Winter, my child.”

“By the way Winter, this is a small wolf,”

“Okay,” Winter squeaked from behind Luna.

“I’m Summer, and this is Spring,” Summer pointed at Spring when he said her name, then he pointed at Autumn “And that’s Autumn,”

“It’s nice to meet you, but you must be tired,” Leaf said walking in a random direction, but he seemed to know, where he was going and the group had no choice, but to follow.   

“Okay,” Luna said, Summer walked directly behind him, while Autumn in the back, with Luna, Winter and Spring in the middle.


Leaf led them to one of the intact buildings, letting the tired group in. They hadn’t sleep for the last three days; everyone was worried about being found and not having food.

“You must be tired,” Leaf said, pulling out five mats, made of grass. Something that isn’t really seen, but they know of it.

“How can we trust you?” Summer asked they didn’t know him and they knew not to judge someone on their appearance.

“I’m not going to do anything to you,” Leaf said looking at Winter, since children are the best judges of things.

“I’m tired,” Winter muttered if he had a guard, then she should do what other children would do in her spot, sleep.

“Of course Winter,” Luna said taking two of the mats and setting them out, one Winter lied down on, going to ‘sleep,’ and Luna sat on the other one. Like a mother, watching over her child.

“It’s been a while, since I’ve seen a child sleep,”

“How old are you Leaf?” Summer asked, setting up his bedding, the others following Winter and Luna’s example.

“I lost count a few hundred years ago,”

“Hundred?” Autumn asked how could someone live a few hundred years.

“It was before the snow age,” Leaf said, he thought people called it that, well they did when he last went out; people weren’t kind, if you didn’t age.

“Snow age? First Spring says Ice age, now Snow age,” Summer muttered, he was getting sick of the changing names.

“A light fall from the ice, and most people from this village died,” Leaf said, trying to remember his friends and family “I stopped aging, I don’t if I died or I’m still here,”

“We don’t know much before now, Winter doesn’t think there wasn’t anything before this,” Autumn said, looking at the sleeping girl, he didn’t know if she was asleep.

“She’s young and you had to accept it, if you wanted to survive,” Leaf said looking at the sleeping girl, who seemed to breathe slower as time went by “So what do you want to know,”

“Do you know where the light landed?” Summer asked if they knew, it would make things easier, a lot easier, but then they needed to know what to do with it.

“I’m sorry, I don’t,”

“That’s okay, so who used to live here?” Luna asked glaring at Summer for almost blowing their cover, she was glad that Winter was actually asleep.

“We were the Light tribe,” Leaf joked “And then we got taken out by a light,”

“What about plants? Colours?” Spring asked she wanted to see something new, like the green of the mats, she thought it was green. All she saw were people’s hair and eye colour, then white and brown.

“Of course, we should to eat mostly plants, didn’t need to hunt,” Leaf said “Does someone really want to kill her,”

“Yes,” Luna said

“And’s not a child,” Leaf said, he was not mad about them lying, there must be a reason.


“She’s not yours,”

“I see her as a sister,” Luna said, looking at Winter, thankfully she was asleep.

“Thank you for telling the truth,” Leaf said, so many people lie, just for the sake of lying.

“Sorry, about lying,” Spring said, looking at her hands.

“We didn’t have a choice,” Autumn said, looking into the man’s golden eyes.

“It’s okay, if your friend’s life was at risk, then I can understand,” Leaf said, maybe they would be the ones that changed everything, and then he could pass over.

“Tomorrow, they’ll be a test,” Leaf said he hadn’t given it to anyone, but the one who guarded the light, didn’t want to give it to anyone “You’ll need to sleep,”

“What type of test?” Spring asked, wondering why he did a 180.

“You’ll see,” With that Leaf left them.

Watching the door, the four travellers couldn’t help, but think that the man was strange, did they believe that his been around since this started, most likely he was stuck in a fantasy world, and he believed it, and maybe Spring.

They needed sleep and it wasn’t likely. That he would attack them in their sleep, right? 

The End

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