Chapter Seven- New Names and A Forgotten Village

“How long are we going to do this?” Spring asked, it’s been almost three days and they ran into the Mountain tribe, thankfully their excuse worked, but they had to tell them, that they were going back to the their village.

“You’re the one who organised this,” Winter said, she didn’t why Autumn and Luna wanted to hold her hand, but Winter guessed it was for the story, for snow’s sake, the men and women they ran into cooed over her, cooed she wasn’t cute. They also thought she was seven, because of her height. She wasn’t as short as a seven year old, was she?

“No grandmother did,” Spring said “After she learned of Gaia,”

Only Spring talked of Gaia, the rest denied knowing her, because none of them would listen to the green eyed and black haired lady, you couldn’t blame them, they thought she was crazy and/or fake. 

“How long is this frozen river?” Summer asked he walked behind everyone, in case anyone got any bright ideas. It hadn’t happen yet, but you never know. He was also the strongest one in the group, like how Winter was the strongest female. Anyone dumb enough to attack them wouldn’t think that the child would be able to hurt them; they were in for a rude awakening.

“No one has been crazy enough to find out,” Luna muttered, no one wanted to leave their village, will until them. Winter was going to have to do this any way, if she didn’t want to be killed be her own father or snow forbid her mother.

“Until us,” Winter said why was she surrounded with crazy people? Was she as crazy has them? Or more so?

“It’s not crazy; we’re on a mission,” Spring said as she hopped ahead of them.

“Why I’m I the child, couldn’t Spring be the child, she acts like one,” Winter said, as she watched Spring trip, but catch herself.

“She doesn’t always act like this,” Luna said thinking about the first part of Winter’s question, the young girl, mostly acted older than she was, but then again she was forced to “And you look like a child.”

Winter sighed, it didn’t help that she was the youngest here. Looking up, she saw a piece of wood and two people looking at it, great now she was going to have to talk like a little kid.

“Mummy, what’s that sign?” Winter asked it was a sign for the others, she hated them, she hated doing this.

“I don’t know Sweetheart,” Autumn said catching on, to what Winter was looking at.

“Ah, a group,” the older men said “We’re from the River tribe. We got a bit lost,”

“That’s okay, we’re just going back to our grandparents’ village,” Luna said, pushing Winter behind her.

“Of course, she’s your child I’m guessing?” The women said, looking at the cute child.

“Yes, this is Grace,” Autumn told them, they thought it was safer to have fake names, then to have their real ones go back to the village, far too risky, more so for Winter.

“I’m Bella, and this is my husband Jake,” Bella said, “We’ve just entered our thirties,”

“It’s nice to meet you Jake and Bella,” Autumn replied “I’m June and this is Rose,”

“I’m Ayden,” Summer said, drawing their attention to the muscular boy, that was the reason people didn’t want to fight him, and then Winter gets her hands on them, they ran faster than lightening. Summer blames all the times Hunter took Winter out hunting, without telling either himself or Autumn.

“I’m Susan,” Spring said, spinning in a circle.

“We’ll have to warn you,” Bella said, picking up the sign “This is an unexplored land and most say it’s cursed,”

“Thank you for the warning, I saw some people that way,” Summer said, pointing behind him. They had seen some people, but he didn’t know of what tribe. They were more likely to point them in the right direction.

“Thank you,” Jake said, walking in the direction that Summer pointed to. They stood there, until the couple was out of view.

“That was close,” Winter said, breaking the silence. She was glad that they were gone, for a lot of reasons.

“Thanks Win, if you didn’t say ‘mummy’ we wouldn’t have known they were there,” Spring teased, she couldn’t help it, Winter was acting cute and Winter never acted cute.

“Don’t rib it in,” Winter growled, she was going to get River back for this, if she see her again “What’s with the wood?”

“I don’t know,” Summer said walking up to the sign; it had a picture of a light, coming from a circle in the corner.

“I have no idea what this is,” Luna said.

“We have to continue, don’t we?” Winter asked trying to get her hands back, but Autumn gave her a look and she stopped.

“Of course Winter, I trust grandma,” Spring said looking ahead; they didn’t know what they were walking towards.  

“Let’s go,”


There was nothing, but snow and the river for the few or a lot of feet. It seemed that the couple’s warning was useless, it also showed that no one from their village had come this far out, or anyone for that matter.

“People believe anything, don’t they,” Winter said, she could see something, and it looked like an old stone building?

“Of course, Winter,” Summer said “What are you looking at?”

“I thought I saw stone,”

“Where?” Luna asked

“In front of us,” Winter said, pointing ahead of the group, they forgot that Winter could see things from a distance, they were sure that Winter didn’t know it either, it was one of the main reason’s River choose Winter to be the child, her age being the last reason.

“Sorry I don’t see it,” Autumn told her, letting go of her hand, so he could walk in front of the group. Spring taking his place.

“Children aren’t meant to walk this long,” Spring told Winter and Luna “I know I didn’t,”  

“She has a point,” Summer said looking ready to burst out laughing.

“So?” Winter asked, she wasn’t getting it, she was able to walk this far, since she was six.

“Luna, pick her up,” Spring said.

“Sorry about this Winter,” Luna whispered, putting her arms behind Winter’s knees and neck, picking the girl up, putting Winter’s head, on her shoulders.

Soon, everyone saw the old buildings, most of them had only seen wooden or snow build buildings, but these were made out of stone and that was new.

“Who’s there?”

Putting Winter down, they looked at the old man, he had to be older than River and she was the oldest in their village.

The End

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