Chapter Five- Summer and Autumn

“Winter, come on. Wake up,” Spring said, slightly shaking her shoulder. She was scared that Winter was never going to wake up, the girl was under the ice, when Autumn got to her, he was also able to get Lily out of the ice. Sadly, she had already passed away.

“Five more minutes,” Winter said, rolling over to her side, she didn’t want to see anyone or anything, her father hated her, because Lily did something stupid.

“Winter, Lily’s funeral is going to be held through,” River said “She would want her sister there,”

“I’m not going,” Winter said, as she sat up “It’s my fault in my father’s eyes, both you and I both know, he’d kill me on sight.”

“You’re his daughter,” Summer said “People die all the time, children included.”

“I know, but he wanted me to die,” Winter shouted, she didn’t care how loud her voice got, she just wanted to sleep and never wake up.

“Winter, we need to tell you what’s going on,” Spring begged, she needed Winter to help. There had to be at least four and none of them could be related, or else she would have just asked Luna and been done with it.

“No, you don’t want me, I’m going to die anyway,”

“Winter, stop being a baby,” Summer shouted, his face going a dark red in his angry.

“Summer, Winter just lost her sister,” Spring told him,

“Winter just listen okay,” Autumn said, looking at the small girl as she played with the furs over her.

“Fine,” Winter said “So you know, I might not be able to help.”

“The world, had different stages,” River said, “My family had a habit of writing things done,”

“There was four of them, through people couldn’t tell two of them apart,” Spring said “We’ve shown Autumn and Summer, but we might not have time to show you,”

“So I have to trust you,” Winter said, “I’ve got nothing to lose, so you two know all along didn’t you,” looking at the two boys as they nodded their heads, Summer didn’t want to explain. He thought Winter was being a baby, but then stopped when he remembered her age. You were an adult, when you turned sixteen, everyone, but Winter was over that.

“As soon, as we turned sixteen, River told us,” Autumn said, looking the blonde boy “But your only fourteen,”

“I know my own age,” Winter snapped this wasn’t going to go anywhere, was it?

“You’ll have to leave soon,” River said, “Spring can help you pack,”

“What about the others?” Winter asked, “And I never agreed.”

“Sorry, kiddo,” Summer snickered “You have no choice,”

“No choice?”

“You’ll have to leave the village,”

“My father,” Winter said, looking at her hands, her parents would want her died, it didn’t matter that they were related. Hunter will just tell everyone, that she had killed Lily out of jealousy, since everyone loved Lily and didn’t think much of her.  “Thanks for helping me pack, River.”

“Let me get some drinks,” With that River left the room, planning to boil some water and keeping Hunter and Dylan out of the room, Winter was staying in.

River never liked the fact that Hunter wanted Winter to die. The years before Lily was born, he didn’t want her to. Saying that he was going to protect her, but when Lily was born, he loved her, seeing Winter as someone who was cold and didn’t care. It got worse, when Hunter and Dylan started to ignore her, poor thing almost froze to death, because they ‘forgot’ to let her back in. 

“Winter, you should come with us,” Spring said, watching her grandmother leave.

“If Winter goes, I’ll go,” Luna said, appearing at the door “I was going to tell grandma, that Hunter was here, and he wanted to see Winter,”

“Tell him to go away,” Winter said

“I’ll him, that you aren’t awake, but we’ll have to leave tonight,” Luna said “Unless you really want to die, Winter,”

“I’m in,” Winter said, “When do we pack?”

“I’m glad you’re awake,” Luna said as she left to go deal with Hunter. 

“We’ll have to leave tonight,” Summer said, “Hunter has become worse as time went on,”

“I have to agree,” Autumn said

“What do you mean?” Winter asked, having no idea what they were talking about.

“Winter, what’s the hunting age?” Autumn asked, looking at Spring and Summer “Can you two leave?”

“Of course, Autumn,” Spring said, pulling Summer out of the room, before he could say anything.

“Ten,” Winter remembered her father telling her, that she needed to start hunting at that age.

“You’re wrong; it’s when you’re an adult, seventeen,”

“He really wanted me died, didn’t he?”

“I’m sorry,”

“It’s not your fault,” Winter said, “No point in staying in bed,”


“It’s almost time to leave,” River said, as they sat in the living room. It was one of the bigger rooms; in fact there were four rooms.   

“What are we looking for?” Winter asked, she wasn’t going to wonder around blindly, she may as well just stay here; both will only lead to her death.

“Didn’t they tell you?” Luna asked she knew, didn’t know the exact location of the object.

“No, my father showed up, before they could,”

“He’ll never let it go,” Summer said, drinking his hot water.

“I know,” Winter told him “I’m his, well was, his daughter.”

“Object,” River said, pulling them back to the ordinal subject “And you’ll be leaving when it gets close to dark,”

“Right,” Spring said “We don’t know what it looks like, but it’s said to be,”

“You don’t know?” Winter asked, she was with crazy people.

“The reason the world is covered in ice,” River said “No one has seen it,”

“So we’re looking into myth?” Winter asked, she may as well get as many details into her mind, before the leave.

“Pretty much, but I know that you’re going to find it,” River said smiling at the girl.

“River, what direction do we go first?” Autumn asked

“Seasonal River, than go right,” River said “Spring and Luna will know, where to go from there,”

“Seasonal River?” Winter asked, she never wanted to see that river, ever again. It was also the area, where her brother and sister died, well her older ones anyway.

“Let us wait, when everyone is asleep, you leave,” River told them.

Winter didn’t like the fact; that she was going to have to see the sight of her sister’s death, and so soon after it happened.

The End

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