Chapter Four- Lily’s Mistake

“I’m sorry Winter,” Lily said and a loud crack was heard.

“Lily, I need you to stay still,” Winter said, as she looked at the small crack under Lily’s feet.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t tell you everything,”

“Lily, it isn’t the time,” Winter told her, taking off her fur boots and putting them to the side, she needed to get to Lily, before she fall through.

“River told me something last year,” Lily continued, thinking about last year, before things got almost too cold, it was always the coldest on Winter’s birthday and no one knew why.

“Just don’t move Lily,”

“River told me, that one of us was going to die, and then Gaia, showed me something. I was under the ice and I thought she was lying, but it seemed she wasn’t,” Lily said, making Winter freeze at the name. It didn’t matter, she and Lily could talk about it later.

“It doesn’t matter, Lily, I told you that I would take your place,”

“Remember your promise,”

“That I’d help that world? Lily now isn’t the time nor the place,” Winter hissed, she was worried and here was Lily, who was seconds away from dying, acting calm and collected.

“It is, guess Spring was right, you are like the snow. I wish I was a pretty are you are,” Lily said, looking at the bare trees of the forest, she should be glad that none of the wolves were here, or else her sister, would also die and it would be, her fault.

“Really, Lily,” Winter said, as she slowly walked onto the ice. She wasn’t going to let her little sister die, her parents would never let her live it down.

“You don’t get it, do you Winter,” Lily said “I’m going to die,”

“No you’re not,” Winter said, she was going to tell her something else, but a loud crack caught the sister’s attention, Winter looked under Lily’s feet and her eyes widened. The cracks were getting bigger and longer, if Lily made one move, moved one muscle, she would go under.

“It was you or me, and I don’t want to do it,” Lily said, looking at Winter with regret, “I listened to Gaia, as did Spring, but you didn’t,”

“So, that doesn’t mean you’re going to die,”

“Good bye, big sister,” Lily said, with that Lily went under and Winter couldn’t help, but stare at the hole, it had to be dream, like the last time, why wasn’t she waking up? Why wasn’t it turning dark, like it did last time?

“Winter!” A male shouted, but didn’t care, she had to get to Lily and that was it “Winter, move it, before you go through!”

“I don’t care,” She shouted, walking towards the hole, the cracks where now under her feet, but she just didn’t care.

“Come on Winter,” He begged and Winter turned to glare at them, and it was Autumn. Summer, must have been busy with his family, but what was he doing here?

“I need to get Lily,” Winter turned back and continued to walk across the ice, she was close when she felt the ice give way.

Winter didn’t know what to feel, when she fell though the ice. Her lungs were starting to burn and her vision was blurry, she could see the outline of her sister’s body. Winter tried to reach her hand, but she couldn’t, the only thing she could hear was footsteps and she didn’t care, she was going to die. 

Before the world went black, Winter felt herself, being pulled out of the ice, the last thing she heard was “It’s going to be all right, Winter, we need your help,”


“How long is she going to be out?” Someone asked, Winter knew that voice, it was her father and he learned about Lily. She better just keep her eyes closed.

“As long as needed,” River told him, at least it sounded like River. Winter didn’t know what was going on, all she could see was endless darkness and that was she deserved. She was the reason Lily dead.

“Hunter, she fell through the ice, she was trying to save Lily,”

“I don’t believe it, Winter had to be saved twice from that River, why do you think I don’t want her in my home, she’s cursed.”

“You’re daughter isn’t curse, she’ll be staying here and you better stay away from her,” River spit, she knew that Hunter hated the girl, it wasn’t her fault that her sister didn’t get off the ice when it started cracking under her feet.

“You can’t tell me, what to do to my daughter,”

“She can’t be your ‘daughter’ when it suits you, Hunter, it’s unfair the way you treated her, she’s fourteen. Fourteen years olds don’t go hunting.” River said, glaring at the man “You want her to die, and I won’t let it, now leave my house, Autumn, Summer make him leave,” 

“Winter you can wake up,” Someone said, putting an arm under her shoulders and making her sit up. When Winter opened her eyes, she saw that it was Luna.

“He never loved me, didn’t he?” Winter asked River, looking at the old women.

“No, he lied to you, I told him that one of his daughter’s would pass and he wanted it, to be you,” River told her.

“Why couldn’t I have died?” Winter asked, tears going down her face, but she wasn’t crying, emotion was a weakness, something no one needed to know.

“Winter, we need your help,” Summer said, leaning against the wall “And everyone has lost someone, isn’t it you, who says, that everyone will die.”

“I just wished it was me,” Winter told them

“We’ll need to leave soon, before Hunter tries to kills us, he’ll give us two days to leave,” Autumn told her, Winter almost died on him, they already lost Lily, they didn’t want to lost anyone else, in the same day.

“Winter, go back to sleep. Luna, will be there when you wake up,” River told her and before Winter could say anything else, her eyes closed and she was gone. 

The End

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