Chapter Three- Luna Petunia

Winter looked at the frozen river, the one that was closet to the village. She didn’t know, why she was here, but the last five days, she couldn’t get what Spring said, out of her mind. Why did the Petunia family have to be crazy, they’re the only ones to think that the ground would be anything, but the white it was now.

“Hey, Winter,” Luna called, waving her hands in front of Winter’s face, pulling her out of her thoughts.


“What’s on your mind?” Luna asked, her sliver hair, blowing past her hip.

“Your sister,” Winter said, pulling her own dark brown hair into a pony tail “You’re the only sane Petunia I know,”

“Spring and I are only half-related, my mother died in child birth,”


“That’s fine and what did my annoying sister do?” Luna asked, glad Lily wasn’t there, she loved Spring and two were closer than Luna, would ever be with her sister. She didn’t like Spring’s mother and blamed her for her father’s death.

“Dreams,” Winter simply said, “Something to do with this river,”

“Lily was included wasn’t she?”


“I know you Winter, better than most people any way,” Luna said, “You were only four when we met, but you acted so much older,”

“Lily was born that year, and my parents seemed happier about her birth, than they did mine,” Winter said, remembering how her parents acted when Lily was born. River told her, the day after the fight with Spring, that they didn’t act that way with her and that there was a reason for it. Winter honestly, didn’t care.

“They love you Winter,” Luna told her, but she knew the truth, besides she was four when Winter was born, Luna just thought they were tired after their first baby.

“Thanks Luna, but I don’t think so,”

“Every funny Winter,” Luna said, putting a hand on her hip, and tipping her foot on the ground, most people didn’t live to Luna’s age and that was eighteen.

 “What is?”

“What did Spring tell you?”

“That on Lily’s birthday, she would do something stupid,” Winter told her, looking in the older girl’s light blue eyes.

“Winter,” Luna said, picking the girl up and gave her a hug.

“That Lily would come to the river and drown,”

“Winter, do you really think that Lily would do that?” Luna asked, as she looked at the white landscape and the trees that were falling down.

“No,” Winter replied, her brown eyes shining with tears, her mother always told her, that emotion was weakness, but for some reason she didn’t do it to Lily.

“Besides this river, is a little strange,” Luna said, “Now I sound like my sorry excuse for a grandmother,”

“Strange, what happened?”

“I had an older half-brother,” Luna told her, “And when we were young, you were about two,”

“Luna, you don’t have to talk about it,”

“No, I want to, we playing on the ice and it cracked under you, my brother being who he was, throw both of us onto the bank, but he couldn’t save himself,”

“I thought it was harder than wood,”

“It normally is,” Luna told her “But for some reason, it softens up a bit, and people fall through,”

“So, this might be what everyone calls Death River,” Winter said, looking at the white ice, not seeing the water underneath.

“No, that’s the one near the mountains,”

“Fine, what’s this called,”

“Seasonal River,”

“Oh, makes sense,” Winter said, why did they have to name everything? She meant, it was just a river and it was mostly ice and water.

“You need to give Lily her present,”

“Thanks Luna,” Winter shouted, as she ran for her parent’s house. Children would move out, when they turned thirteen, but they had to build an igloo close to their parent’s house. Just in case, something happened. When they were seventeen, they were allowed to build their own wooden house.      


Winter started to walk slower as she came closer to her parent’s home, most of the time, she couldn’t look at Lily without Spring’s words coming to her mind. She hated that girl, she loved being with her sister and now she could barely look at her.

She also hated Gaia, how could someone who wasn’t real, brother her so much. Many people in her village, called her ‘Cold Winter,’ or even ‘Bitter Winter,’, but she took the meat, on how cold she was and up herself. She still thought, Winter cared about what she thought.

“Winter, where’s Lily?” Dylan asked, as she saw her older daughter.

“I don’t know,” Winter replied “I can look at my place, then I’ll go to River’s,”

“Thank you,” Dylan told her, as she walked back into the house, to continue looking, this couldn’t be true, could it. She had to check her igloo through.

“Lily!” Winter shouted, as she crawled through the front, she wasn’t there, all igloos’ had one room and Lily wasn’t there, she must be at River’s and forgot to tell their parent’s.  “Lily, you could get away with murder!”


Winter hated coming here, she really did. Luna knew and she never made Winter to go to her place, they always walked around in the forests. Knocking on the door, River answered, her blue eyes, looking at the small girl.

“I knew you’d be here,”

“I don’t want to, but I was going to ask if Lily was here?” Winter asked, biting her tongue, so she didn’t say anything disrespectful, Winter really didn’t need her parents knowing about this, or the fight with Spring.

“Lily was here, Spring has a little cold,” River said, looking at the woods.

“She is still here?”

“No, she left a few minutes ago,” River replied “Can you talk to Spring,”

“No, I have to find my sis-” Before Winter could finish saying what she wanted to say, and before she could get away, River grabbed her arm and dragged her into Spring’s room.

“Winter’s here,” River said, pushing into the room.

“Winter,” Spring said, looking at the young girl.

“I have to go,”

“Winter, you have to help.”

“Help, with what?”

“To bring balance to the world,” Spring said, couching into her hand.

“Loved to, but I have to look for Lily,”

“Look at the river,”

“Of course,”

The Petunia house was only five minutes away from the river, which is why River’s parents named her after it.

“Winter!” Lily shouted in glee, standing and slipping in the middle of the wide river.

“Lily, why did you go anywhere with mother or father,”

“You don’t,” Lily pointed out “Even at my age,”

“I’m older, and they like you,” Winter told her “Come with me Lily,”

“I’m sorry Winter,” Lily said and a loud crack was heard.



The End

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