Chapter Two: Spring and similar dreams

“I need to tell you something.” 

“What is it?” Winter asked, because she knows it’s going to be something crazy.

“When was the day Lily was born?” Spring asked, as River boiled some water over the large fire.

“Day? She was born about five days from now,” Winter reminded her, shouldn’t she know this, days were counted by how many times, they go to sleep and wake up.

“Something bad is going to happen,”

“Bad, what’s going to happen?”

“I had a bad dream,” Spring told her, strange cause Winter and Lily had a bad dream, but the thing was that it only was a bad dream, and nothing more.

“So, everyone has a bad dream, once and a while.”

“No, Winter. Something wants us to end this ice age,”

“Ice age?” Winter asked, just as crazy as her grandmother.

“Yes, a woman told me, that the world wasn’t always like this,”

Winter looked at the blonde, she couldn’t help, but wonder, was she dropped on her head or was this something she got from her mother. Also, it sounded like something from her own dreams, but that was all they were.

“That there were times, were it was warm or cold or hot,” Spring said, looking at the fire in the middle of the room, away from the wooden walls “Hot like the fires flames,”

“That’s lovely, if it was real,” Winter said, going back to knitting a blanket, the right size for a newborn.

“It is real, her name was Gaia, and she has told me, that I need to stop this world from getting colder, along with my friends,”

Okay, now it wasn’t getting funny “Spring, this is what the world has known and what the world will ever know,”

“Winter, you’re almost like the snow,” Spring said, looking at Winter, straight in the eye “Pretty to look at, never changing and deadly,”

“Thank you, for comparing me to something that kills,” Winter told her, her voice thick with sarcasm. Winter always hated this girl, she was crazy like her grandmother and just as trustworthy.

It wasn’t Spring’s fault, or at least that’s what everyone tells her, her parents went hunting, because her father was ill and everyone thought he was going to die. Spring’s parents: Lucy and Adam, volunteered to do it. Long story short, they died. No one knows how, some say that something killed them, others say they ran away, because they didn’t like anyone and thought that they were better off died. Madness must run in the family, Winter thought.

“Winter,” Spring whined “Don’t you believe me,”

“Not really,”

“I’ll tell you what I saw,” Spring said, jumping out of her chair and walking to one of the walls.

“If you want, I don’t care,” Winter just wanted to get this done, so she could go and play with her sister, no one could make her do anything childish, only her sister.

“There was ice, the river,” Spring said, as she thought back to what she saw, Spring could only hope that Winter believed her, and stopped it from happening.

“Yes, the river is frozen over,” Winter slowly said, as if she was talking to a young child and not an adult.

“No, Winter you’re not getting it,” Spring shouted, why couldn’t she see that it was hard for Spring to say what she wanted to say. Guess her grandmother was right, the only reason she knew of Winter, was because of her little sister, and Spring loved Lily, she was like the sister she always wanted.

“What am I not getting,” Winter growled, why couldn’t Spring just say what she wanted to say. Winter hated that fact that her father made her come here, for what, a headache. Something that wasn’t her chore, her chore was to help her father with the hunt and whatever her mother needed help with.

“Lily, in five days’ time, she’ll go to the river and it’ll crack under her feet,”

“That’s crazy, that river is harder than wood,”

“The world is trying to warm up, but something isn’t letting it,”

“What does that got to do with Lily,” Winter said; her voice was colder than the wind.

“Lily, the ice will crake under her feet and she’ll die, Winter, your sister is going to drown,”

“You’re lying,” Winter shouted, putting her knitting down, “Is this what you want, I don’t believe in people being able to tell the future, I don’t talk to River for a reason,”

“Dreams are ways to tell what’s going to happen,” Spring shouted, she hoped her grandmother would help her.

“Help, dreams don’t bring in food. Lily is smart enough to know, that you don’t leave the village without someone, the only time we leave if when the storms get worse, and we build wooden houses.”

“Why don’t you believe me?”

“You’re ‘lovely’ grandmother, said I was going to die and guess what I’m still here,”

“I don’t believe you,”

“And I believe you, as much as you believe me,”

“Winter, you need to trust me,” Spring begged, her skin was slightly darker than Winter’s, but Winter was as pale as the snow outside.

“Why?” Winter hissed “I’ll never believe in dreams, my own or yours,”

“So your one of us,”

“No, I’m nothing like you,” Winter shouted.

“Then why do you have that birthmark?” River asked, with three cups of hot water.

“Birthmark? What birthmark?” Winter glared at the old woman, no one knows about the mark on the top of her shoulder and she wanted to keep it that way.

“You can’t hide, anything from me child,” River told her, passing a cup to Spring, hoping to calm her down.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“I have one,” Spring said “I’ve got a birthmark of a flower,”

“And you have a snowflake,” River said, after Winter got her cup, she sat down in a chair.

“How do I know you’re not lying?”

“I know, you have it,” River calmly said, her short white hair going in front of her face.

“That doesn’t answer my question,”

“I’m over fifty years old, and I was there for your birth,” River told her, and Winter just looked at the woman, she was lying, wasn’t she? Her parents would have told her, if River was there. “I’m not lying,”

“I have to go,”

“Winter, please believe us,”

“Believe, believe in what?” Winter demanded her patience was running thin, “Something I can’t see, my task is to make sure, we have enough to eat,”

“But dear-”

“I don’t have time, to wonder if the world was warmer than it is now. I have to make sure, make sure, that everyone’s going to live,”

“Such a burden for one so young,” River said, why did Winter have to be like her mother, that woman didn’t believe her either! Lily was the one who believed in them, and the young girl wasn’t the one who was going to change anything. Hunter believed her, ever since the snowflake on her shoulder, but no, Dylan had to hide it. Their daughter was going to bring change and Dylan, somehow, made her believe that this was all that she’ll have!

“Winter, please you have to understand,” Spring begged, Lily was going to pay, if Winter didn’t take their advice seriously.

“No, I’m going,” Winter said, walking out the door, leaving behind the made baby blanket, as she walked to her house, the one she shared with Lily.


“Winter,” Lily said, as she watched her sister enter the room “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong Lily,”

“Want to play,”

“Of course,” Winter said, “Always,”

“Winter?” Lily asked, thinking back to her dream. The woman said, that she was going to pass, but she didn’t want to believe, but it was her or Winter.

“Yes, Lily.”

“If something happens to me,” Lily said “I want you to help the world,”

“Nothing’s going to happen to you,”

“And if it does?”

“Then I’ll trade places with you,” Winter told her, she just got out of this conversation with crazy Spring and River.

“I love you,” Lily said, hugging her sister around the waist.

“I love you as well, Lily, now how about that game,”

“And then dinner,”

“Of course, Lily, of course.”

The End

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